Zoe News April 2012 – Michelin Tyres, Fleet Show Debut, Voice Samples

Michelin Tyres

Michelin Tyres for Zoe (Image: Michelin Tyres)
Michelin Tyres for Zoe (Image: Michelin Tyres)

On 11 April 2012 Michelin gave details of the tyres that would equip the ZOE, as previously announced by Renault at the ZOE Preview launch:

“All Renault ZOE models equipped with 15 and 16-inch tyres will be fitted with the new MICHELIN ENERGY™ E-V tyres. These innovative products are in line with the carmaker’s Range OptimiZEr approach for the Renault ZOE, which integrates an array of innovations designed to improve the vehicle’s range in all driving conditions. In near-urban use, for example, the MICHELIN ENERGY™ E-V tyres increase the ZOE’s range by up to 6%, depending on the type of use.

The tire plays a key role in vehicle energy consumption. Tyres account for up to 30% of the energy consumed by an electric powertrain. With each rotation of the wheel, a tire is deformed when it comes into contact with the road. As its structure is deformed, the components heat up and some of the energy transmitted by the engine is lost. Reducing this heat build-up also reduces energy consumption, but the technologies developed by Michelin go much further. While the MICHELIN ENERGY™ E-V tire heats up little when driving, thus reducing energy consumption, the rubber in the contact patch heats up quickly when the brakes are applied, thereby shortening braking distances.”

It is interesting to note the mixed spelling of ‘tire’/‘tyre’, presumably evidence of editing for different markets.

EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show

Renault Zoe at EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show (Image: EVFleetShow.co.uk)
Renault Zoe at EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show (Image: EVFleetShow.co.uk)

The Zoe made its first showing as a production car for the British market on the Renault stand at the EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show. This took place on 18 April at Silverstone, as reported in the Renault Business magazine:

“The Renault Zoe and the other vehicles in the Renault Z.E. range made their first appearance at the Fleet World EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show in April, marking the first time all four models had been shown together in the UK in production form. Held at the newly opened Silverstone Wing at the world-famous race circuit, the event was aimed at giving senior fleet decision-makers the opportunity to explore and test-drive the latest electric, hybrid and low-carbon technologies and discuss them with industry experts during seminar sessions.

“Kangoo Van Z.E. and Fluence Z.E. saloon were both available to drive, while delegates relished their first opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Twizy ahead of its sales launch. Fresh from its unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show in March, the show also marked the UK debut of the production ZOE, specially shipped in from France for the day, which drew many admiring glances and questions from visitors.”

Zoe Voices

Zoe Voice Samples
Zoe Voice Samples

In the same month Renault made available samples of the ‘ZE Voice’ pedestrian warning sounds. The Voice system is active between 1 and 30km/h and is intended to alert those nearby of the car’s presence in a choice of three different alarm systems. Take a listen and see what you think.

My preference would be ‘Glam’ (despite the name) as it sounds a bit futuristic to me, which seems appropriate.

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