French Industry Minister Drives Renault Zoe

French Industry Minister Test Drives a Zoe (Image:
French Industry Minister Test Drives a Zoe (Image:

Yesterday My ELife Now reported on a BFMTV item where the French Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg took a test drive in a Zoe:

“Probably one of the best commercial for Renault’s new main stream EV, ZOE!”

Under Zoe’s Bonnet (Image:
Under Zoe’s Bonnet (Image:

The same site has had good coverage recently of the Zoe, including:

Edit 8th October: More links (see Replies):

Edit 11th October: Another link:

6 thoughts on “French Industry Minister Drives Renault Zoe”

  1. Thanks for the link, Christophe!

    It’s interesting you say you might look into doing a swap of a Zoe for your LEAF – what is it about the Zoe that would make you contemplate taking such a big step?

    1. Well the price ! here it starts at 13,700 EUR with the new 7,000 EUR government incentive
      I paid my LEAF 32,000 EUR and the loan is kind of big to pay every month, and we are not driving that much, since my commute is done with the Vectrix 220 days a year
      I realize now that this long awaited LEAF is a luxury ….

      1. My counter-argument is this: rlsardeegs of the current state of the electric grid, making more devices grid-based consolidates the pollution sources to one: the plant. Subsequent improvements or replacements to that plant then have a greater effect on pollution. And the political motivation for improving our power infrastructure rises as the benefit becomes demonstrably more effective.

  2. I can understand that – the Zoe price is very good, and even with the monthly charge at your low mileage it would not be expensive. And also it has a longer range and more charging options.

    I’m glad the test drive encouraged you – I haven’t yet had a chance to drive one myself and am really looking forward to it.

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