Renault Ultrafast Charging

Renault Charging System (Image: Renault)
Renault Charging System (Image: Renault)

There was an interesting article about Renault charging technology on Auto-Addict earlier this month. It gave details on the charging system that I haven’t seen elsewhere, covering both the current system as described by Renault and a new system that has not officially been announced, so far as I know. On the current charging system:

“The ZOE will also be able to charge quickly (one hour at 22 kW, half an hour at 43 kW) without costly infrastructure thanks to its Chameleon charger accepting three-phase power available throughout the EDF distribution network. To understand the patented trick used by Renault, you should know that the electric motor is supplied with three-phase current, while a battery works in DC. Therefore, the idea is to use the electronic motor to transform – as during regenerative braking – the three phase current available cheaply on the network to DC acceptable to the battery. From other manufacturers, this current recovery must be performed by an external quick recharge terminal costing about 20,000 euros against 3,000 to 5,000 for the three-phase accepted by Renault.”

On ultrafast charging:

“On the same principle, Renault’s engineers are already working on ultrafast charging which will benefit the next generation of Renault electric cars. Through a liquid cooling system to avoid overheating the battery deleteriously, it will be able to accept three-phase 86 kW power, representing a 80% charge in about 8 minutes, or if you prefer, an increase of 100 km in range, time to drink a coffee at the counter of the gas station…”