Latest on UK Orders

As described in my previous post, I now have a deposit taken for my Zoe order. The dealership has been trying to put its orders onto the system today. However they have had an email from Renault saying that the dealer ordering system will open on the 9th. At that point they will have all the ordering system codes etc.

Meanwhile, the basic information available is a release from Renault dated 30 October, of which I have a paper copy. It gives the following prices:

Expression: £14,444

Dynamique Zen: £15,666

Dynamique Intens: £15,666

Delivery Charge: £595

Registration: £55

Battery lease: £70 per month for 7,500 miles per year. £77 for 9,000 miles. £85 for 10,500 miles. £93 for 12,000.