Delay in Zoe Deliveries

Zoe and Clio (Images: Renault)
Zoe and Clio (Images: Renault)

Wards Auto has a news item with the headline ‘Renault Suspends Zoe EV Launch to Clear Way for Clio’. It quotes Carlos Tavares, Renault COO, as saying that Renault is postponing the full launch of its Zoe electric vehicle until next year. The delay is linked to the eurozone economic crisis, which has resulted in Renault having too many new products arriving at the same time. The implication is that Zoe is being delayed so as not to overshadow the release of the Clio, with Tavares saying:

“I will turn over the keys to the first Zoe by the end of the year”

“If one launch follows another too closely we lose the power of the launch for marketing and commercialization.”

The delay has apparently been confirmed by French customers on the Zoe ZE Forum, with delivery dates as late as May being suggested.

Personally I don’t believe that the Clio launch is the primary reason for the delay – after all the Zoe was launched in March and the Clio was launched in September so, all other things being equal, there was no need to artificially separate delivery dates – or else, logically, it would be the Clio deliveries that should be delayed. I would guess, therefore, that there is a technical issue with the Zoe EV that has caused the delay (further problems with the R-Link perhaps) whereas the conventional Clio is a more straightforward launch.

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  1. We were told by our dealership several months ago now that deliveries would follow the April 1st 2013 launch date. I’m not sure that there is any further delay as such. I guess that it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect some deliveries may take until the following month to arrive too maybe? I presume we will know more in the new year when test drives begin. We now have our test drive booked for mid-January 2013. I don’t think this news is anything to particularly worry about : )

    1. It may be that the delay has little effect on us in the UK, since we didn’t expect deliveries until next year, but is more of an issue for French customers expecting delivery this year.

  2. I was going in on Saturday to place the order but another delay has got me a bit worried. Perhaps this is just a ploy to create time to lure more people or is there a real software fault with R Link? How long can they make us wait?

  3. My reaction to further delay is: I have ordered Toyota yaris hybrid catalogue.
    My wife likes it and I think I should weigh pros and cons of toyota and renault zoe.

    1. That is understandable – though, of course, you will still be burning fossil fuels. Also whatever the economic arguments for a Zoe now they can only get better as fossil fuels go up in price.

      Renault – get a move on!

  4. Finally got my order in for the Black Intens, they are still not putting the dealerships in the picture about deliveries as I was told March 2013 ha ha! I managed to get the salesman to throw in a set of fitted Zoe mats
    what a bargain. He will be letting me know about delivery within the next week.

    1. Congratulations! Exactly what paperwork did you get to confirm the order? For my £250 I only got a single handwritten sheet and I’m wondering if they haven’t done a complete order at my dealer.

      1. Got out printed out invoice with all the costings on. The actual paper says order form at top.

  5. I’ve just been in to my local Reanult dealer to try and find out some more and they are advising the official launch will be January with deliveries starting in March/April 2013, this is also what I was told on the ‘launch’ night along with the Clio, deliveries for the Clio are supposed to start in February, and they want to wait a month before the Zoe.

    I’m also dying to find out the prices for the battery lease for higher mileage rates, as well as pcp’s/lease/finance for the Zoe too, but again nothing, seemingly there is still some discussion as to the GFV rate before they can decide.

  6. Just to keep a fair perspective on new transports coming in 2013 putting oil industry out of business.
    I’ve tried toyota yaris hybrid. First time i drove electric and it was great. Silent, tremor free, elegant, I could hear the traffic outside just like I would be in a bubble of my own.
    Next year toyota will release auris hybrid plug-in. It should have a 50km range and should cost 10000€+ less than prius plug-in.
    This means it will be comparable to zoe, when you take battery lease into account.
    So Renault should better get a move on 🙂

  7. I worry about my Zoe now I read these worrying stories about possibly more delays, anyone know if they are true or not? I’m also desperately trying to find out how much it is going to cost me for the Zoe, I know the pcp prices aren’t released yet and have been trying to find something similar on Renault’s website, but not coming close to knowing if they will be available or not, add to that of course the battery lease, I do about 15-18000 miles per annum, so according to figures from the Fluence it will be around £130 pm for battery lease, I’ve just been given a great price on a new Leaf and i’m seriously tempted especially if the Zoe is going to be delayed till into the summer, I’m also carless after ending my lease on my previous ‘ice’ car, and am facing public transport in the New Year for work which i’m willing to do if the Zoe is coming in the Spring, if it’s going to be later I need to re-evaluate my love for the Zoe!

    1. Can I ask what deal you’ve found on the Leaf? With regard to Zoe delivery, my best estimate is early April for those with reservations.

      1. Hi Trevor,
        There is a current deal with a £1600 deposit contribution on the Leaf, there is also stock in the UK at Sunderland at present. The dealer also offered me a discount of £990 off this too, and if I added £400 to the deposit it would take it down to an even £23k, on a 3yr PCP it worked out at about £460 pm with an 18000 mile per annum mileage allowance, if you were doing less miles it would be alot less, and of course if you can afford more deposit it would bring it down too, the GFV for it was somewhere around £9.5k.
        There are also some nearly new deals around too with some dealers selling off their demonstrators from around £16k for 2011 models. But you don’t get the pcp deals either.
        What i’ve been trying to find out from Renault is what sort of pcp’s or finance deals will be available for the Zoe, if the car is £200 plus £130 for the battery lease(18k miles) then it’s affordable and worth it, if it’s going to be £300 plus £130 battery lease, then I’d be better off with the Leaf unless of course the Zoe is soooo much better, which in alot of ways it appears to be, but also to go with all this, is the chance that if it’s delayed then i’d be going elsewhere can’t wait that long without a car, well I probably could if I wanted to.
        I’ve been told by my contact that deliveries should be March-April, with official public ordering available from January, test drives in early March too from dealers. Of course no idea what us pre-reservants will get.

        1. Those sound like good deals on the Leaf, Bob. Of course, there may be even better ones available once its starts being built in Sunderland.
          Personally I’d say the longer range on the Zoe, combined with a lower sticker price, makes it a better option for me.

          1. I went back to the Leaf dealer to advise I wouldn’t be going ahead with it I may wait and see if there is anything further in the 1st quarter of the year, but as you say prices should drop once output starts at Sunderland, and more so because they are talking of different spec’s, with a base model having no reversing camera for starters.
            I’m holding out for the Zoe in the meantime, and from the last info I had there could be alot happening from early January, if we get to say late January or into February and still nothing happening, I think i’ll be tearing the few hairs I have left on my head out! lol.

            Did I read on another post you guys have test drive’s organised in January? If so is it still happening? Where and when? Might have to gatecrash, lol

  8. Cool, the same team that done the open evenings will probably be going back round the dealers offering the test drives too, however, I hope it’s at dealers for more than an evening, I’d much prefer to have a longer test drive than just five minutes round the block, of course the stumbling block to that would be getting it charged up again(rapidly).

    1. I believe that certified Renault EV dealers are getting fast chargers – certainly the MK one has a line of chargers outside and one time I visited there was talk of getting at least one upgraded.

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