New Delay for Renault Zoe

Zoe Launch is Receding (Image: Renault)
Zoe Launch is Receding (Image: Renault)

It is reported in Les Echos that the launch of the Zoe has slipped again. This week the Renault group is quoted as saying that the launch will be:

“mass market in spring 2013” in France, which will be later expanded to other countries in Europe “during the second half of the year”

However, when Renault opened bookings of the vehicle last March at the Geneva Motor Show, it first talked about:

“the fall of 2012” before discussing “the end of 2012” then “early 2013”

The reason for the discrepancy is given as the difficult development of the R-Link multimedia system. According to a source close to Renault, ‘the group did not take the right technical options to be economic and is now paying for it with a less than optimal solution’.

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    Trevor Larkum

    It is reported in Les Echos that the launch of the Zoe has slipped again. This week the group is quoted as saying that the launch will be: “mass marke
    [See the full post at: New Delay for Renault Zoe]



    Wouldn’t this mean delay for the new Clio as well, since it has the same interface? And what about the Zoe’s that have recently been delivered?




    this is exactly what I’ve been thinking.

    I couldn’t believe all the great news from Zoe testing (in Scandinavia etc) anyway. So I didn’t make the reservation yet.

    Do you remember that countdown to spring 2012 when Renault will make it possible for everyone to own an electric car (”We weren’t the first to talk about electric cars, but we will be the first to make them”). I really believed that and Renault disappointed me.

    Iz turns out, Renault is the one doing the talking.



    I agree that it is odd that the Clio isn’t also delayed.

    And what about the Zoe’s that have recently been delivered

    The early deliveries are the trade show cars.  Unless the quote I read was mistranslated.

    I owned a trade show car once.    I got a huge discount.   It was about 90-95% right.   Some things like the interior light switch never worked because the wiring harness was wrong.

    I’m certain the Zoes delivered today are the same.  If the first owners are lucky, the car is 95% done.




    Trevor Larkum

    There are significant differences between the situations of the Clio and Zoe with regard to the R-Link:

    1. The R-Link is an option (and a fairly high end one) for the Clio, but is standard equipment for the Zoe.

    2. The R-Link in the Zoe has to do more – tracking charge stations, interfacing to the charge status systems, etc.

    It may be that Renault believe they can launch the Clio without the R-Link, but not the Zoe.



    From what I understood from the last problems reported with the R-Link was that they couldn’t quite get the configuration correct for the range, ie how many more miles/kilometres you can drive with the range left on the power in the batteries, to me if this is the same problem and they still haven’t fixed it, this is a major major problem and one of the first things that should’ve been sorted in the initial software not now when they are just about ready to start deliveries in France or should’ve been starting deliveries.

    I’m so so close to going either with an ICE car for a year and then seeing if the BMW i3 or the new Leaf can do any better.  I want to wait for the Zoe but we’re getting close to a year, now 9 months since I made my pre-reservation and I don’t have alot of patience.

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays from Bonnie Scotland.



    If you can afford an i3, you should give the Tesla Model S a serious look.  Unlike the i3 or the Zoe the Model S is in production now.  UK reservations are open, with the first right hand drive cars due by the end of 2013.

    I looked at a Model S a few days ago.  It is amazingly good.   Beautiful to look at inside and out.  Comfy seats. Well laid out controls.   I haven’t driven it, but everything I saw and touched was very well done.





    There’s a bit of a difference between the Tesla Model S and the i3, for starters they reckon the i3 will cost about £30k but the Tesla S is what about £48k BIG difference, I wouldn’t really be able to afford the i3 either unless BMW are doing their fantastic 4 yr low rate finance deals and to be honest I can’t see it with the ‘i’ range!

    Although I have to agree with what i’ve seen online and read about from the USA it is a fantastic car.



    BMW hasn’t announced  prices yet.  Latest official word is that it will cost less than a 528i or  less than 33 – 35K.


    Tesla has said the Model S will cost the same in the UK as the US + VAT + govt. grant difference and a bit more for import duty.    US grant is $7,500  and UK is £5,000.  A 40Kwh Model S should be £35-40k.

    5-10 grand is a lot of money but the Model S is a lot more car.



    Like smitchy73 I made a reservation of ZOE in march. Everytime I read about delays I´m considering to buy something else. Probably I will not, I like ZOE. I saw ZOE last month in Copenhagen and wasn´t disappointed at all. I believe Renault should give us more and better information. I hope to pick up ZOE soon but will wait for the car to arrive.


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