New Delay for Renault Zoe

Zoe Launch is Receding (Image: Renault)
Zoe Launch is Receding (Image: Renault)

It is reported in Les Echos that the launch of the Zoe has slipped again. This week the Renault group is quoted as saying that the launch will be:

“mass market in spring 2013” in France, which will be later expanded to other countries in Europe “during the second half of the year”

However, when Renault opened bookings of the vehicle last March at the Geneva Motor Show, it first talked about:

“the fall of 2012” before discussing “the end of 2012” then “early 2013”

The reason for the discrepancy is given as the difficult development of the R-Link multimedia system. According to a source close to Renault, ‘the group did not take the right technical options to be economic and is now paying for it with a less than optimal solution’.

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    Trevor Larkum

    Actually I just checked this at and it takes you to a page where you can register for a newsletter about Future Models – that is not encouraging!



    I finally heard from Renault Denmark today! Nothing about the car, but they gave away a pair of sneakers… Guess that they think walking is better than driving, so I would be happy with that instead of the car?

    Anyone else got this?


    Trevor Larkum


    I  reserved my Zoe on the 8th March 2012 and nothing for the rest of 2012 and yes I got the free gifts being a note book and model Zoe car then when the new year had passed with still nothing from Renault I contacted my local Renault dealer in Cannock and was told to pay them a visit on the 12th of January 2013 to place my order.

    I took copies of my reservation details with me to show the salesperson which he knew nothing about so he photocopied then “for the record” so I hope that I get my £49 reservation fee back.

    I payed a further £100 and the deal was done and was told to “pencil in late June for delivery”.

    One useful thing that the salesperson told me was to make use of the free charger offer by Polar/British gas and that is was I did.

    I had my shiny new charger fitted on the 25th of February.

    I was also informed that this free offer for the charger ends on the the 31st of March.

    So to sum up,

    Reserved my Zoe,

    got a few gifts,

    one year on got a shiny new charger with nothing to plug it into and a faint promise of a late June delivery,

    so I say that in todays dreadful economic environment renault are way behind the curve in how to retain customers. 🙁



    Yesterday I read in a Danish website that the ZOE will be delivered in Denmark week 19 (around May 10). But still no mail from Renault now two months before the estimated delivery.

    I will move from China on the 18th, and I plan to visit Renault (thanks for the tip) and bring my pre-order confirmation and some cash for downpayment. Hopefully that will not set me back in the queue doing it this late.

    A friend in Denmark got confirmed from Renault Denmark that granny cables were NOT compatible, which is contrary I got from Renault Spain two days ago… Well… I have ordered my granny cable already and hope to test it as soon as possible.



    Hmm yes it doesn’t appear to be working. Probably just a temporary error maybe? After speaking to Renault the other day I was also given the June 6th date, hopefully this date will remain accurate!



    We are still waiting on our code to come through via email. So far we have not received anything from Renault since reserving our Zoe (except a confirmation email).



    Yes ‘andyw’ ordered mine on 1.12.2012 have not been told anything or had anything confirmed by Reno, they obviously have not heard about customer relations! My free charger could not be fitted either so I will probably use my next door neighbour to fit one that I will have to pay for.



    I was reservation number 005 in the UK back in March 2012, the first day you could pre-reserve, I’ve had the notebook, trainers/sneakers and the model Zoe.  I’ve had nothing at all from Renault, both from customer services despite an outstanding monthly update call with nothing to update with, and a general manager at the dealer after my complaint to Renault, but in 6 weeks i’ve heard nothing.

    I’ve read plenty online that test drives are being lined up for May in the UK with deliveries in late June, however, until they start arriving to customers, i’m not holding my breath.

    I bought a Nissan Leaf a few weeks ago and I am absolutely loving it, but I plan to wait till I hear more from Renault and possibly the test drive before I cancel my order, or indeed if they’ll give me a deal on the Leaf, knowing the negative points about the Leaf I can see how the Zoe reacts in difference and of course depending on the costs involved, certainly from what I was told by the GM i’m not holding my breath to change from the Leaf to the Zoe although I’d love to change as i’ve been in love with the Zoe since Concept.

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