Zoe Test Drives in Lisbon

Zoe Test Drive in Lisbon (Image: Renault/Facebook)
Zoe Test Drive in Lisbon (Image: Renault/Facebook)

This week Renault has invited journalists to test drive the Zoe in and around Lisbon, Portugal – presumably as part of its official international launch.

Renault TV has released a video from the event:

In addition to recent reviews in the French media there are new reviews appearing based on these test drives – here are a selection:

“As the newest EV on the market it’s probably not a surprise that the ZOE is a lot better than its rivals. What is a surprise is just how much better it is AND just how good it is for the price.”


“Renault has shown in these pioneering years, going into the world of electric regard to the automotive industry and, to date, we can absolutely confirm that the bet was won for the French in full.”


“Renault Zoe: Simply the best city car in the world?”


“Overall the Renault Zoe joins the Nissan LEAF as the two main EVs that have real world practical applications.”


“Enjoyable, innovative, affordable Renault Zoe demonstrates rate of EV progress”


“Plug-in city car is quick off the mark”