Renault Gearing Up for UK Launch

Updated Zoe Website (Image:
Updated Zoe Website (Image:

I pointed out in January that Renault is poor at giving details of the UK launch date for the Zoe but that the Renault Z.E. tab on the site seems to be the best indicator. It has just been updated again (hat tip to Deejay in the forums).

Where it previously said ‘ZOE (SUMMER 2013)’ it now just says ‘ZOE’ – in the same way as all vehicles currently available to buy. More significantly, perhaps, is where the link goes to. Originally it went to a page where you could pre-order a Zoe. Recently the link was changed so it just took you to a page where you could register to receive emails on future models – a bit worrying! Now it takes you to a new set of pages giving pretty comprehensive information on the Zoe, including specs, prices, warranty, battery leasing, etc.

I quite like the new intro text and the emphasis on new technology:

“With the ZOE, a 100% electric, mass-produced car, rediscover the pleasure of motoring every morning… No more queuing at petrol stations — no, you just have to plug it in like a smartphone.”

Most of the technical information has been released before, and is detailed on this site, but I learned a few things from the ‘ZOE Experts’ videos:

  • Zoe’s regenerative braking works on the accelerator when you lift off – but also (unlike many EVs) on the brake pedal when you push it.
  • 85% of its mass can be recycled; 95% of the vehicle can be reused at the end of its lifecycle, including its batteries; and it includes over 9% recycled plastic.
  • Zoe can text you when it is low on charge, and if you programme a charge it can contact you at the start and when it completes.
  • Maintenance is estimated at 20% less than an ICE car.
  • The heat pump works completely independently of the motor – therefore there is no problem with using the heating while the motor is switched off (obvious, of course, if you think about it).

Perhaps the most useful new information is the clear description of the purchase ‘package’ – so-called ‘Z.E. Services’ for the Zoe, particularly:

  • Vehicle Warranty: 4 years or 100,000 miles (whichever is first)
  • Electric Drivetrain Warranty: 5 years or 100,000 miles (whichever is first)
  • Anti-Corrosion Warranty: 12 years (unlimited mileage)
  • Paintwork Warranty: 3 years (unlimited mileage)
  • Motoring Pack: Preferential rates to hire an ICE car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
  • Breakdown Package: 24/7 breakdown assistance, plus towing if necessary to nearest charge point or destination

Full details are available in a PDF. In addition the battery hire agreement guarantees a minimum 75% charge capacity and full recovery services in the event of breakdown.

The battery lease prices are the same as previously released; however it is suggested that other options are available from dealers and it is hinted (on the right side of the battery page) that they can be as low as £45 per month (for 4500 miles/year).

On the whole this is a very encouraging development and it looks to me like Renault is actively building up to a UK Zoe launch.

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    Trevor Larkum

    I pointed out in January that Renault is poor at giving details of the UK launch of the Zoe but that the Renault Z.E. tab on the site se
    [See the full post at: Renault Gearing Up for UK Launch]



    I’m happy to see this page. I hope this really means the end of EV niche marketing, limited production etc.

    Could you guys help me with the cost of owning a ZOE? I’m afraid my english is not so good-I can’t see what are the service intervals and how much do they cost. Did I see correctly the 30% less than regular ICE car?


    Trevor Larkum

    Mitsch, Renault estimate that maintenance is 20% less than an ICE car. However, I believe with a new Renault (including ZE) you get 4 years of free servicing anyway:

    – so it’s Renault that saves the 20%!

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