ZOE serving employees of Lyon City Hall

One of 10 Lyon ZOEs (Image: Renault)
One of 10 Lyon ZOEs (Image: Renault)

In 2010, the city of Lyon adopted an equitable and sustainable approach to urban management through its territorial climate and energy plan (PCET). Further reflecting its environmental aims, the city acquired a pool of ten Renault ZOE vehicles in March 2013. These vehicles are made available to employees working at the site located at 198 avenue Jean Jaurès for their occasional travel requirements.

In this way, the city is encouraging its employees to adopt a “smart” driving approach. Employees can charge their ZOE on any one of the ten wall-box type charging stations installed in the site car park.

ZOE Configurator

My Personal Renault ZOE: Energy Blue Intens with 16” Alloy Wheels (Image: Renault.it)
My Personal Renault ZOE: Energy Blue Intens with 16” Alloy Wheels (Image: Renault.it)

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a ZOE Configurator, a web page where you can design your own ZOE, taking account of the various colours, wheels and other options that Renault offers. It went live 10 days ago, and it uses a lot of data (including prices and images) from Renault’s French and Italian websites. These sites have official ‘configurators’ which have been up and running for some time. They are very thorough; however, I find them very difficult to use and navigate, hence the idea of a simpler version.

To try out the MyRenaultZoe Configurator go here:

The Configurator!

– and note that once you have configured your perfect ZOE you can right click on the picture and save it to your computer (e.g. to use as wallpaper).


Breaking News

I am pleased to report that on visiting the Renault.co.uk site this evening, as I do very often, a new ‘Configure a ZOE’ link has appeared at last. This is a very encouraging sign, as it looks like the UK is catching up with the lead nations (France and Italy) for ZOE launches – the Renault websites for Germany, Spain and The Netherlands, for example, still have older versions of the Renault ZE web pages.

Finally it looks like the UK is getting Renault’s focus, and maybe the promises of ZOE deliveries in late May and early June no longer seem quite so farfetched.

Renault Gearing Up for UK Launch 3

Zoe on Tour at Local Dealer (September 2012)
Zoe on Tour at Local Dealer (September 2012)

Renault continues to keep very quiet about the UK launch. In addition to some previous information, I today learned a few more titbits from my local dealer:

  • I should be contacted on Tuesday or Wednesday next week about my order. I should get an allocated vehicle (presumably tied to a chassis number) and a confirmed delivery date.
  • I should also be contacted about the installation of a wall box.
  • Vehicles will be available for test drives about 15-20 May.
  • Delivery for pre-ordered vehicles is still pencilled in for the end of May or early June.
  • My vehicle is the 27th due to arrive in the UK, with four of those first 27 being orders from my dealer.
  • As in France, no opportunity charging cable (‘granny cable’) will be available. Instead it will be possible to ring any Renault ZE dealer to book access to their charge points – and they will all be fast charge capable. Dealer charging will be free.

The salesman mentioned that the dealer staff had a chance to try out a set of 5 ZOEs and had been impressed with their smoothness and acceleration. And had also been impressed with the potential range, having started with a predicted range over 100 miles – after driving about 30 miles the range had only dropped by about 20 miles.

It’s all very encouraging – now Renault just need to get them in the hands of real customers! This time next week will be one year since I pre-ordered my ZOE.

Norauto Buys 40 ZOE Courtesy Cars

Norauto ZOE Courtesy Car (Image: LesEnjoliveuses.com)
Norauto ZOE Courtesy Car (Image: LesEnjoliveuses.com)

It has been reported that Norauto is buying 40 ZOEs to use as courtesy cars. Barnard Cambier, Commercial Director of Renault France, says:

“The electric vehicle is not a gamble, it is a reality. True to its tradition of innovation, Renault is at the head of this new approach to mobility. I am particularly pleased that the Norauto partnership with 40 ZOE means potentially 15,000 people each year will discover the extraordinary qualities of the vehicle, and a new experience of driving pleasure.”

When making an appointment to have a car in the Norauto workshop the customer simply needs to book a Renault ZOE as a courtesy car. It costs no more than €6.50 per half day or €12 for a full day for holders of the Norauto card and insurance.

The list of Norauto centres in which ZOE will be used as a courtesy car is: Aix en Provence, Annecy, Aubagne, Avignon Sud, Belle Epine, Bobigny, Chambéry, Chambourcy, Chambray, Tours, Chenove, Créteil, Dieppe, Dijon, Illzach, Le Mans Nord, L’Isle d’Adam, Lyon, Mandelieu, Marne La Vallée, Mondeville, Montivilliers, Pau Lescar, Perpignan, Plaisir, Portet, Reze, Sorgue, St Egreve, St Jean Ruelle, St Priest, Toulouse, Tourville la Rivière, Vallauris, Vélizy et enfin, Wittenheim.