Renault Gearing Up for UK Launch 3

Zoe on Tour at Local Dealer (September 2012)
Zoe on Tour at Local Dealer (September 2012)

Renault continues to keep very quiet about the UK launch. In addition to some previous information, I today learned a few more titbits from my local dealer:

  • I should be contacted on Tuesday or Wednesday next week about my order. I should get an allocated vehicle (presumably tied to a chassis number) and a confirmed delivery date.
  • I should also be contacted about the installation of a wall box.
  • Vehicles will be available for test drives about 15-20 May.
  • Delivery for pre-ordered vehicles is still pencilled in for the end of May or early June.
  • My vehicle is the 27th due to arrive in the UK, with four of those first 27 being orders from my dealer.
  • As in France, no opportunity charging cable (‘granny cable’) will be available. Instead it will be possible to ring any Renault ZE dealer to book access to their charge points – and they will all be fast charge capable. Dealer charging will be free.

The salesman mentioned that the dealer staff had a chance to try out a set of 5 ZOEs and had been impressed with their smoothness and acceleration. And had also been impressed with the potential range, having started with a predicted range over 100 miles – after driving about 30 miles the range had only dropped by about 20 miles.

It’s all very encouraging – now Renault just need to get them in the hands of real customers! This time next week will be one year since I pre-ordered my ZOE.

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    Trevor Larkum

    Renault continues to keep very quiet about the UK launch. In addition to some previous information, I today learned a few more titbits from my local d
    [See the full post at: Renault Gearing Up for UK Launch 3]



    I did a test drive last Saturday at the Renault main office at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Also took a Twizy for a spin, just for fun. It was as expected, very nice (I drove a Leaf previously which I also liked a lot, the Leaf seems to have a bit more performance of the line but the Zoe is still impressive). I went to my local Renault ZE dealer (just a mile away from my house), but the ZE rep (Renault tries to use women mostly for that) had a day off. I did understand that the day before someone did order a Zoe already, apparently without ever having seen one in real life. I went back to the dealer on monday afternoon. All my remaining questions were cleared up, so I order my Zoe right away. Apparently there had been someone in the morning who also ordered a Zoe. And while I was there, there had been someone waiting to ask questions about the Zoe as well. So three (all black) Zoe’s sold in 3 working days, impressive. The two other buyers ordered Zoe’s that were already in stock (black with the 17″ wheels), they will get them around May 16th. I could have ordered an identical one which also was in stock, but I wanted the EV tires. Plus it will take time to get the wallbox installed (a few weeks at least) and I still want to wait for my June salary to help pay for the car. So I ordered one not in stock, which should be delivered first half of June.

    It does seem that it makes absolutely no difference whether you have a pre-reservation or not. They have cars in stock, if you want to buy one that is in stock you’ll get it very quickly, period. Reservation or not. So I was a bit disappointed at that (I’m nr 105), but perhaps in this case I’ll get it quicker anyway. It is clear that they have already made a huge amount of Zoe’s and are able to produce a lot very quickly as well.

    Unfortunately in Holland no subsidies for EV’s, except if you live in Amsterdam, Utrecht or The Hague (I live very near Amsterdam, but not close enough). I’m paying the full 24K in euros. Also no free wallbox, I have to budget for another 1000 euro. At least I don’t have to pay any road tax (600 euro per year) until at least 2015. I’ll be going for the cheapest battery lease, plus the compulsory insurance and I’ll be looking for the central arm rest accessory. Still doubting whether to already order the granny charger from the Italian guy (liability / warranty issues) or wait until Renault comes to their senses (because we all know they did have such a charger initially). Or, instead of paying 500 euros for that charger, perhaps pay another 500 to have a wallbox at my parent’s place (less flexible, but 8 hours does beat 18). There are fast chargers on the way to my parents, but probably DC and so not compatible with the Zoe (yet). Not having any, even a slow, granny cable just sucks. Zoe drivers are perhaps even more early adapters than early Leaf riders, at least they can plug in anywhere at anytime, domestic or DC fast charger. Still want the Zoe, it is future proof. But the future isn’t quite there yet.


    Trevor Larkum

    Congratulations! I agree the pre-reservation seems to count for very little. With regard to the granny cable I would wait – I imagine that a year from now there will be a group of suppliers competing to sell them and the price will come right down.

    In theory we should both be getting our Zoes in June – but I’m guessing you’ll get yours first. It sounds like the UK is far behind other countries with regard to supplies – perhaps because of being right hand drive. There’s certainly no sense of any Zoes being in stock, rather just talk of getting vehicles at some point in future (that keeps moving back).

    Like you I’m going for EV tyres (16″) to see if I can set some range records! Similarly I’m going for energy blue on the theory that white cars will need extra heating in the winter, while black cars will need extra cooling in summer.



    I finally got my mail from Renault that my car is ready to order! It will be released May 26th in Denmark and we can test drive early-mid May.

    I called the dealer a week ago (before I got the mail from Renault) and they told me that I could get my ZOE in 3months… But a call to Renault cleared it up since I’m number 132 in Denmark and thus the queue system seems to work well here.

    I will export the car to Sweden and get 4600 Euro subsidy after the car is tested and approved here.

    There is a yearly EV race in Sweden-Denmark June 1st to 2nd and I got promised either MY ZOE or a loan ZOE for that race, this will be the first day the ZOE will be on Swedish soil, a full two years before the launch here…

    I didn’t order a charger since I live 1.5km from one of the two chargers south of Gothenburg, so I can charger there for free. Also my city has free parking for EVs (there are like 5 in the city…).



    My local dealer (in Kent) said they’re expecting test drive cars to arrive next week, and that I should be able to arrange a test drive next week and also place an order. I’m guessing this means they have the finance sorted, as I don’t much fancy paying for one outright!

    I hope that there won’t be too much of a delay as I haven’t pre-ordered.



    Deejay, you don’t have to pay the car until delivery. And I got an official email from Renault yesterday that the pre-reservation phase is over since the cars can be ordered now, it also pretty much implied that pre-reservation has nothing to do with any order sequence.



    Hi all,

    An update after talking lots with my rather helpful and on-the-ball dealer.

    WRT battery lease, £45/4,500mpa is not available on the Zoe. It’s Twizy-only, and the fact it appears on the Zoe section of thew website is a mistake on the part of the people doing the website banners.

    They’re expecting test drive demo cars in late May.

    The odour neutralizer/scent diffuser is still on the UK Zen, apparently. It took him a few days to turn this information up, so I expect he checked another source.

    I got given these figures for an Intens, not taking battery lease into consideration:

    “The finance is extremely flexible, with a much smaller deposit of £1000 this would be £252.99×48 with a final payment of £6008.00.  This is based on the minimum 5,000 per annum on the finance.  With an increased deposit to £3000 the payments would reduce down to £202.99.”



    Ooh – Motorline Maidstone took a delivery of their test drive Dynamique Intens this very morning, and will be taking test drive bookings from tomorrow. I expect this means that demo vehicles will be popping up all around the country.

    Does anyone know if orders will be satisfied more quickly by some dealers than others? For instance, is it likely or possible that I could get a car sooner if ordered at a Renault-branded dealer than Motorline or Masters?


    Trevor Larkum

    AFAIK, Motorline is a fully paid up ZE dealer, they certainly appear to be so on the Renault website:



    £1000 down £252.99 x 48 + £70/month for the battery? I could get a Nissan Leaf for much less.

    There are still a few unsold 2012’s Leafs left at  £18,000.     By the time we are ready to buy those will be gone.    But the improved 2013 Leaf on a 4-year PCP will cost less than a Zoe.

    Haven’t decided  but Zoe could loose out on price.   The brake failure issue has put me off getting a Kangoo Z.E.  for now.

    Silence from Renault.  I expect an invitation for a test drive to show up any day now.   I’ll post somewhere (RenaultZEforum or Leaftalk) when I hear something from Renault.



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