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    Trevor Larkum


    It’s quite true… most people fear to speak up and others love to watch the horrible news of havoc.

    Having lived in Taiwan for 15years and survived numerous typhoons and above 8 earthquakes I have had more than my fair share of disasters:

    One typhoon hit Taipei city with the eye of the storm, it was weird being out after 120m/s winds stopped and it was totally calm only 15min later being hit with massive winds, hundreds of people were swept away.

    One typhoon drowned most parts of Taipei, one handicapped woman drowned in her bed on the third floor, so high was the water!

    A hotel I stayed in a year before the 8.4 quake struck was crippled to dust and 176 people died.

    As I said… I had my fair share and I don’t mind speaking up and getting people to listen, buying an EV is a great statement I feel I need to make, it’s the least I can do for humanity.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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