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My Personal Renault ZOE: Energy Blue Intens with 16” Alloy Wheels (Image: Renault.it)
My Personal Renault ZOE: Energy Blue Intens with 16” Alloy Wheels (Image: Renault.it)

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a ZOE Configurator, a web page where you can design your own ZOE, taking account of the various colours, wheels and other options that Renault offers. It went live 10 days ago, and it uses a lot of data (including prices and images) from Renault’s French and Italian websites. These sites have official ‘configurators’ which have been up and running for some time. They are very thorough; however, I find them very difficult to use and navigate, hence the idea of a simpler version.

To try out the MyRenaultZoe Configurator go here:

The Configurator!

– and note that once you have configured your perfect ZOE you can right click on the picture and save it to your computer (e.g. to use as wallpaper).


Breaking News

I am pleased to report that on visiting the Renault.co.uk site this evening, as I do very often, a new ‘Configure a ZOE’ link has appeared at last. This is a very encouraging sign, as it looks like the UK is catching up with the lead nations (France and Italy) for ZOE launches – the Renault websites for Germany, Spain and The Netherlands, for example, still have older versions of the Renault ZE web pages.

Finally it looks like the UK is getting Renault’s focus, and maybe the promises of ZOE deliveries in late May and early June no longer seem quite so farfetched.

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    Trevor Larkum

    Over the last few weeks I have been working on a ZOE Configurator, a web page where you can design your own ZOE, taking account of the various colours
    [See the full post at: ZOE Configurator]



    Based on the printout brochure I was given on saturday, the following options and prices are listed:

    Arkamys sound system: optional on Expression at £350
    TomTom western europe: optional on all at £110
    Front and rear parking sensors^: optional on Expression and Intens at £350
    Parking sensors with on-screen visualisation*: optional on Zen at £350
    R-Link live 3 year subscription: optional on all at £150
    Z.E. Interactive 3 year subscription: optional on Expression at £150
    16″ alloys: optional on Expression at £400
    17″ alloys: optional on Zen and Intens at £310
    metallic paint: optional on all at £495
    metallic i.d. paint: optional on all at £595
    non-metallic i.d. paint: optional on all at £225

    ^ Note this is front and rear but for the Zen it only mentions rear parking sensors. Not had a chance to clear this one up yet.
    * We think this is actually the parking camera but worded wrong. Dealership are checking for me 🙂

    Protection pack: £340
    Luxe pack: £230
    Delivery pack: £45
    Premium delivery pack: £90

    Both the Zen and Intens come with luxury mats so not sure what the delivery packs are really all about.

    The Zen also come with a cleaning kit. Not seen that mentioned elsewhere 🙂



    Hi farblue,

    Yes, this should be the ‘parking camera’ (that is indeed included on the Intense model as standard) with the “on-screen visualisation”. This is a simply but clever guideline that the r-link overlay on the screen to help you park easier. See an example of pretty much exactly what it looks like in the picture below (of course not from a R-link in Zoe though):

    Reverse parking sensors visualisation

    (since the forum doesn’t seem to want to show the image above, here is a link: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2vv2s5l&s=5

    The green lines show where the car is heading and the yellow lines show where you will go based on where you turn the steering wheel (the yellow lines move in accordance to how much you turn the wheel). I found the image from the camera in ZOE very clear and I’m sure some people would find this feature useful. Personally I just prefer having reverse parking sensors.

    The delivery packs seem like a bit of a rip-off really. They only seem to include things like a reflective triangle and blanket, first aid kit etc…

    I presume the Zen cleaning kit is specifically for the Teflon covered seats, as the others don’t come as standard with this.


    Trevor Larkum

    [Andy I’ve edited your post to include the Direct link to the jpg]

    farblue, do you have any more information on options? Specifically on the French website you can select a DVD player for 500 euro – I think it has two screens, in the back of the front seats – and I’d like that for my family. However, it’s not an option on the UK site, and when I mentioned it to my local dealer today he hadn’t heard of it.



    I’m going to have to follow up with my dealer tomorrow about the delivery packs. I went for the premium delivery pack to get a boot liner since my wife will use the car for gardening stuff. However, it would be interesting to know what is in the Luxe and Protection packs. From another post, I think the protection pack includes an alarm… I’ve ordered an Intens so don’t really want to double up on anything I don’t need to.

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