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My ZOE Order Details (Image: T. Larkum)
My ZOE Order Details (Image: T. Larkum)

I rang my local Renault dealer today, Marshall Motor Group in Bletchley, to arrange a ZOE test drive as a demonstrator is due in there later this week.

To my surprise I learned that my order for the ZOE had progressed through the Renault system to the point where I had been allocated a chassis number – a major milestone as far as I am concerned. I drove down and picked up a copy of the order paperwork.

Some comments on it, from top to bottom:

  • It starts with “The vehicle is expected to be delayed ie CPosAAD is > CDD” which is rather worrying.
  • “Owning account no. 037000 MARSHA” presumably is a code for Marshalls.
  • “Flag buy/lease” – it says Lease but this should be Buy, though I haven’t yet discussed finance details, etc.
  • “Date de lancement” (launch date) – I don’t understand the significance of this.
  • “Date d’affectation” (assignment date) – I guess this is when the order finally went onto the computer system.
  • “The vehicle is in factory (not yet built) with flexibility (M+2)” – apparently M+2 indicates that most options can be changed, this will become restricted when it moves to M+1, at that point it may be possible to change the choice of wheels, for example, but not the bodywork colour.
  • “Location UFLINS” – this presumably refers to the Flins factory.
  • “Fcast AAD” / “Prom AAD” – don’t know.
  • “Provisional Factory Exit Date 03/07/2013” – when it’s due to be completed, later than I had hoped.
  • “CCat DDD 29/07/2013” – Dealer Delivery Date (?), much later than I had hoped.

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    Trevor Larkum

    I rang my local Renault dealer today, Marshall Motor Group in Bletchley, to arrange a Zoe test drive as a demonstrator is due in there later this week
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    To compare the information I got, the dealer showed me a date when ordering my Zoe which was June 10th. I later got an email from the dealer that they are planning arrival around week 25, which is the week after maybe to keep some buffer because they did say the date could change.

    With the buying agreement I got a code which I could use to log in on the Renault site (“My Renault”) to check progress on the building of my Zoe. My VIN is also there (order date 24-04-2013): VF1AGVYA049307100

    I don’t know if that number says something about the number of Zoe’s being produced, but 120462 units of difference seem like a lot. Since my number is later, you’d think yours would arrive sooner. Three weeks to ship seems like a lot though. A bit of a guessing game.

    Didn’t you get an online login to check progress?



    Just spoke to my dealer. My Zoe is showing up on the system as ordered but does not yet have a chassis number matched to it.



    Trevor Larkum

    Nosig, I didn’t get anything but the page I scanned so unless you can see an online login code on there, I didn’t get one.

    The salesman said something about their online system not working yet, maybe it’s the same thing – apparently in the showroom they will be able to go through a customer’s order on an iPad, but it’s not working yet.



    When I ordered mine, the sales guy went through the order on an iPad – it’s basically just running the Zoe configurator and displaying it on a large Apple TV. I’ve also got a pdf of the brochure now which I’ve put at the following link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/41062548/Zoe%20Brochure.pdf

    Does anyone have any knowledge of the difference between the mats that are standard on Intens vs. the delivery pack mats vs. the premium delivery pack mats?



    @nickh: I didn’t pay attention to the mats in the demonstrator Intens, but I’ve ordered the delivery pack. I must admit, I hadn’t noticed that the Intens comes with some mats; with that in mind I might cancel my delivery pack order.

    Or at least, I would do if my dealer wasn’t on holiday!



    Regarding ordering: the iPad configurator was just sugar when we were ordering ours – all the ‘paperwork’ was done through a Windows PC running some suitably grey data entry application. We used the configurator to compare Calico and Neptune Grey, but that was it. Perhaps Motorline have their own order capture system though.


    Trevor Larkum

    I think all we have on the packs/mats is what’s in the brochure – the standard ones are carpet and the pack ones are rubber.



    Had my phone call from my dealer this morning. Advised that my car was due to leave the factory on 4th June, with arrival in Scotland around the end of June. Prices available were HP – 60 x £320 plus battery lease. PCP 48 x 261.89 plus battery lease, both with just a £500 deposit. PCP was on 9.6%APR which I thought for current car retailers to be a bit high.
    They only have one Zoe in the dealer and may be able to get me a short test drive ‘around the block’ which i’m not happy about as I would want to make sure it can do the journey from home to work and back again on one charge as I do just now in my Leaf.
    I’ve not told them I have a Leaf but will do very soon when I pop in to the showroom, I told them I have a trade in but as it was unexpected he just gave me the figures based on £500 cash deposit and we could see about the part exchange nearer the time.
    What figures are people getting quoted if going the route of PCP etc?



    I am hoping for 0% finance. If Vauxhall can do it on a brand new car such as the Adam and Renault have just offered it on the Clio then I don’t see this as far fetched.

    Renault need the Zoe to work out as the have invested something like 4 Billion euros in developing their ZE offering. They will either look at it like lets fleece the early adopters for what we can OR lets look after these people to spread the word and encourage others to go electric.

    The latter for me is the best marketing and PR renault could invest in. With such a new type of vehicle keep in mind Renault needs us! Be bold with asking for discounts or 0% finance deals and if not forthcoming be prepared to walk away, wait a little longer for the dust to settle or look at an alternative.

    Remember Renault need us to buy these and if we don’t they will be very embarrassed with a lot of people saying ‘told you so’! The only issue I see is the green motoring dream most of us want to see is handed to another manufacturer, kicking off a little later.

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