The Fall of the Wall

Here’s the most recent publicity video for the ZOE (it came out in March). It’s called ‘La Chute du Mur’ (‘The Fall of the Wall’) and emphasises the quietness of the ZOE:

It’s a fair point – how things would be different if our roads and motorways were populated by EVs.

As a bonus, here are a couple of other videos from Renault France. They are in French, but at least we learn the French for ‘wall box’.

l’Autonomie R√©volutionnaire (Revolutionary Range)

la Recharge Simplement Pratique (Simple Practical Charging)

It’s interesting to note that the ZOE reverses into and drives forward out of its garage – I’m thinking of doing this at home (not safe with a fossil fuel car) and will be arranging my charge point to make it an option.

Finally, an English language video in a different vein:

(see what I did there?!)