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(Image: Jerry King/
(Image: Jerry King/

Today I was contacted by Renault UK for the first time (I’m not counting the handful of automated emails or gifts I received last year, or contacts I have made to the local Renault dealer) – I got a call on my mobile at work.

I was contacted because of my pre-registration for a ZOE. The ’phone call seemed to have four main aims, to:

  1. Inform me that test drives are now available. I mentioned that I’d already had one.
  2. Confirm my address and let me know that I’m eligible to receive a free Renault ZE jacket. These are available in 5 chest sizes: small (40”), medium (42.5”), large (45”), XL (47.5”) and XXL (50”). One is now on its way to me.
  3. Let me know that my local dealer would contact me about getting a charge point installed.
  4. Tell me about the Renault 4+ Package (4 years of warranty, roadside cover, servicing and option finance) if my dealer hadn’t already.

After that I was able to ask some questions. I asked whether those who had pre-reserved were really getting priority and was assured that this was “absolutely” the case. Those who had pre-reserved would get their cars before any new customers. However, the order in which pre-reservations were delivered could depend on the options ordered, as ‘just as with any Renault car’ those with the same options and trim levels were produced together in a batch.

This contact is surely an encouraging sign that Renault is finally waking up to the UK launch and are serious about doing some customer service and making sales. Whether Renault will make up for lost time – and a year of slipping delivery dates and poor communication – remains to be seen.

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    Trevor Larkum

    Today I was contacted by Renault UK for the first time (I’m not counting the handful of automated emails or gifts I received last year, or contacts I
    [See the full post at: At Last – Contact From Renault UK]



    That’s an interesting development. I’ve had several calls from Renault customer service over the last few weeks. Adam seems to be following up pretty well. I’ve had exactly the same story about priority of pre-registration vehicles. Regarding the charge, I was told I needed to apply through the Chargemaster (polar) website. Adam actually put me on hold while he got Becky on the line at Chargemaster to talk me through what I needed to do. I’m now waiting the signposted 2 weeks before someone calls me to do a survey. I’m having my house extended currently so I’m having the builder put a couple of 32Amp circuits into the locations where I am likely to put chargers – wall by driveway and garage.

    I’ve not heard anything about a Renault Z.E. jacket so maybe I’ll have to call them back about that!



    I have been in contact with Renault customer service a few times this year and still they are unable to inform me any details about my reserved car; I’m waiting to hear back again in the next few days.

    I don’t believe those people who reserved last year are getting a priority for delivery of the ZOE. I have ordered another one and I’m interested to see which one comes first; the one ordered March 2012 or May 2013! Both the same spec.


    Trevor Larkum

    dbdb – that is an interesting experiment!


    Trevor Larkum

    I followed up on the Renault phone call and contacted my dealer about arranging the charge point installation. They took details over the phone – including lots of questions about how I would use the car – and apparently it went through. The good news is another customer had theirs installed within two weeks so maybe the backlog isn’t that long around here.

    But why did I need to call them?



    Two weeks ago when I tested the ZOE first time I was promised by Renault Denmark that all of us who pre-ordered would get a mail that week. However none of us have received anything yet…
    I did get to borrow one for six days, which was great, but I was also promised that the day when I returned it (June 3rd) I could buy my own and drive away that day. This Wednesday I was promised a call from customer support on Friday, of course that didn’t happen either…



    We received a ZOE notebook today (identical to the ones some people reported getting quite a while ago now) Small baby steps towards actually getting the car now…



    I received a call from Renault UK on June 7th.

    I was promised a dealer would contact me within 48 hours to arrange a test drive. 264 hours later, I haven’t been called.

    I know that the dealer has a Zoe on the lot but they don’t have a type-2 charger. From other forums, I know there are several Renault dealers with cars but no chargers.

    The two closest Renault dealers to me have no interest in selling Zoe. Even to a reservation holder. We’d have to drive over two hours to Liverpool for a test drive. We are not willing to take a chance on a Zoe when the closest dealer offering sales and service is farther than the car will go on a single charge.

    Zoe needs dealer support to succeed.

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    Andrew_Debbie, have you contacted Renault head office? Might be worth a go, I’m sure the marketing and PR people would not be happy with the poor state of affairs.



    I responded to an e-mail survey Renault sent me in May. I haven’t contacted then since they rang me on the 7th.

    Might send them a letter. Need to figure out exactly what I want to say first.

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