Atos Worldline teams up with Renault in the connected car revolution

R-Link (Image: Renault)
R-Link (Image: Renault)

World premiere: Partnership Renault and Atos to offer secure shopping from your car thanks to the new R-Link tablet available in several Renault models

Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris 9 July 2013

  • Atos Worldline, the expertise of Atos in electronic payments and transactional services implements the Renault R-Link Cloud services platform, an embedded and connected multimedia system, already provided in many cars in the Renault range.
  • Atos Worldline has entrusted connectivity issues to Orange Business Services, one of the main business telecommunications operators in the world. Renault R-Link, an integrated and connected multimedia system, intended for use in a vehicle, is easy to navigate thanks to a large touch screen and an applications store open to external partners so that it can constantly be kept up to date.
  • The system’s ergonomics and features have been designed to make Renault R-Link the most secure system on the market for the driver and for the vehicle.
  • Atos was awarded the Innovation Trophy by Renault-Nissan during the ceremony of Supplier Awards held last month.

Atos and Renault are recognized in the market as being major players in the fields of mobility and connected cars. Gartner positions Atos as the European leader in the supply of mobility services worldwide (Gartner, Competitive Landscape: Enterprise Mobility C&SI Services, Major Providers, Worldwide, March, 2012) and the study SBD’s Connected Car Guide, March 2012 by the specialist firm SBD ranks Renault among the top three Connected Cars on the market in Europe.

Jean-François Martin, Director of Renault Services International said:

Our relationship with time and space is changing rapidly; we are becoming increasingly mobile, connected, demanding, including when we are in our car. With R-Link, Renault aims to offer customers not only the car that suits them, but in addition the most cutting edge personalized and interactive services, at the best price, creating a global partner ecosystem with a winning business model. Atos Worldline, thanks to their vision of our market, their strong capacity for innovation and their full service smart mobility offering, have proved themselves to us having been our partners since the start of the project, marking a break with the traditional practices of Renault and a new era in our relationship with our clients.


In depth knowledge and experience of the automobile market, is a key factor in success

The ambition and tight programme deadlines of this offering have allowed Atos Worldline to demonstrate its capacity to mobilize all its professional and technological skills.

Atos Worldline, thanks to its capacity for worldwide deployment in the Cloud and pay-per-use has been able to make this ambition a reality, drawing on its expertise in the field of service platforms, contextual mobility, M2M and Connected Machines, e-commerce and payment. Relying on the telecommunications operator Orange, drawing on its international network, alliances and global roaming agreements, the service offering of Atos Worldline includes recognized expertise in the field of mobile networks and connectivity. Furthermore, the proposed solution, based on the Atos Worldline winning business model and capacity for innovation has allowed all Renault’s requirements in terms of innovation and support to be met.


Marc-Henri Desportes, Executive Committee Member at Atos commented:

As a long standing partner of Renault, we are proud to support construction of the R-Link project, which aims to improve the experience of the driver and customer relations by implementing new contextual mobility services. Mobility is a strategic investment area for Atos. We help our customers to make contextual mobility services into a direct and sustainable competitive advantage, which opens up new possibilities for all business sectors. Our open, robust, scalable and flexible platform can integrate all content and service suppliers, allowing new revenue streams to be generated and improving customer satisfaction via an income and risk sharing model.


Atos Worldline relies on the knowhow of Orange Business Services when it comes to international connectivity. Orange Business Services will supply Renault with all the M2M SIM cards that will be embedded into the cars in M2M devices, and provide the relevant subscriptions. Data exchanged between the car and the Atos Worldline platform will pass through a secure system via Orange mobile networks and those of its European partners. Drawing on the Orange Business Services international network, one of the largest in the world, and global roaming agreements, will also mean that Renault customers can benefit from R-Link services throughout Europe and beyond.


The Innovation Award

Every year, Renault-Nissan’s Purchasing Organization (RNPO) present its Supplier Awards. On Monday, June 17, 2013, the Innovation Award was given to Atos for R-Link, an innovation that allows Renault to offer a solution to sell connected services and be at the forefront of the automotive industry.