MyRenaultZoe Range Predictor App

ZOE Range Predictor App on Galaxy S2 emulator (Image: T. Larkum)
ZOE Range Predictor App on Galaxy S2 emulator (Image: T. Larkum)

I am a professional software engineer and since learning earlier this year that the ZOE R-Link multimedia system runs on the Android operating system I have been studying Android. So far it has mostly been following tutorials in books and online in order to learn the basics.

However, having been inspired by Nosig’s work on Maximising Range in a ZOE, and the elegance of The ZOE Range Rule, I decided to take the plunge and create my first original Android application. Naturally, it encapsulates the Range Rule in an Android app.

Of course, it’s a very straightforward program. You enter the current state of charge (SOC) as a percentage (the default is 100%), plus the maximum speed intended for the journey (the default is 100km/hr). Then you press the Calculate button.

The app then predicts the available energy remaining (so 50% SOC would display 11.00kWh) and also the predicted range (using the Range Rule), with this range scaled by the remaining energy (so at 50% SOC the range predicted would be 50km at 100km/hr instead of the 100km that could be achieved with a full battery).

I intend to make this app available to ZOE owners for free, so I will look next at how it can be distributed via Renault’s R-Link online system.