Renault Online Support 2: The ‘My Z.E. Online’ Site

My Z.E. Online website screenshot (Image: T. Larkum)
My Z.E. Online home page – during charging (Image: T. Larkum)

Whilst the My Renault site is applicable to all Renault cars, Renault EV owners have access to a specific EV site at with the title ‘My Z.E. Online’. Once a ZE vehicle has been registered, using an activation code provided in a welcome letter when the ZOE is delivered, the site provides specific information on the vehicle’s charge status. This data is presumably acquired over the GPRS network directly from the vehicle, and is in close to real time.

The home page has a number of separate areas:

  • Your Vehicle Status: This indicates when the page data was last refreshed, what the current battery charge level is, and the resulting estimated range.
  • Charge Status: While charging this indicates the type of charging point (my 32A home one shows as ‘Accelerated’), the Estimated Remaining Time, and whether or not the charging cable is plugged in.
  • Last Charge: For the previous charge session this shows the date, start time, end time and % charge at the end (for me this shows the current charge session, presumably because I only activated the service today).
My Z.E. Online website – after charging (Image: T. Larkum)
My Z.E. Online home page – after charging (Image: T. Larkum)

There are three other tabs on the site:

  1. Battery Charge: This has a tab for Battery Status that largely duplicates what’s on the home page. It has a secondary tab for Charge History that lists all charges so far in a table format.
  2. Charging Points: Here you can enter a town name or postcode and you are taken to a page on the TomTom website that displays a map of nearby charging points. It doesn’t seem to be very good though – it didn’t recognise my local postcode and with a broader search it mostly showed up cash points and other POIs even though it was set to show charging points.
  3. Charging Advice: Some general hints and tips on charging and driving behaviour, such as leaving the car connected after charging, parking in the shade, travel at constant speed and accelerate/brake gently, check tyre pressures, try out Eco mode, etc.


On the whole this site is pretty useful for a ZOE owner as it allows the car’s charge and range status to be accessed, as well as its charging level during charging, without being near the vehicle. It has a simple, clear design so should be easily readable on a mobile phone, tablet or similar device.

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    Trevor Larkum

    Whilst the My Renault site is applicable to all Renault cars, Renault EV owners have access to a specific EV site at with the
    [See the full post at: Renault Online Support 2: The ‘My Z.E. Online’ Site]



    Interesting that you say your charger shows up as “accelerated.” Mine doesn’t although I asked for a 32A charge point.

    How do everyone else’s charge points get reported? I don’t trust Inept Gas to have given me a 16A charge point, and I’m not sure there’s any way of checking.



    Easiest way to check is to time how long your Zoe takes to fully charge from a known charge state. For instance, it should be clear whether it charges from 50% to full in ~ 2 hours or ~ 4 hours.

    I know the last 10% charge is slower and if the battery is very flat I believe there is a period of slower charging for safety but the last 10% will be the same on a 3.4kW and a 7kW charge so the only difference should be the speed of the main bulk charge.

    Alternatively, if you have a smart meter for your electricity supply, you can see the before and during whole house usage rates. Just remember not to turn on the electric oven during the trial and give the Zoe ~ 5mins to ‘get comfortable’ with a full 7Kw charge (I think it ramps up when you first start charging, again for safety)


    Trevor Larkum

    Deejay, have you checked for the “30A” label underneath?

    I know mine’s 7kW because while it’s on my Wattson shows an extra ~7000W being used.

    I think it’s difficult to judge timing – when connected my ZOE has shown times in excess of 3h, and yesterday at 98% it was still showing 15 mins to go so it really does slow down massively at the end.



    My experience is that the “accelerated”, “standard” a.s.o. on the Z.E.-Website are sometimes faulty. My Zoe so far only saw my 11 kW Wall Box and I have one or two “standard” charges in the list.

    I made a chart
    from my chargings so far (as mentioned all 11 kW)

    Ladehub on the horizontal axe means the delta percentage from the start of the charging to 100%
    Ladezeit on the vertical axe is the charging time, both data are from the Renault-Website.

    You can predict from the graph, that a 95%-loading will take some 186 minutes with the 11 kW wallbox


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    Trevor Larkum

    That is interesting.

    PS: I’m jealous of an 11kW system. BTW, is it rather noisy? My 7kW system is pretty noisy (you can hear a distinct high-pitched whistle near it), though it’s not a problem.



    Thanks, Trevor.

    The high-pitched whistle is clearly audible, but you can not hear it outside the closed garage in which my Zoe resides. I assume the noise comes from the car, not the wallbox.




    Thankfully there’s a really easy way to tell if you have a 16A or 32A charger – this from ChargeMaster:

    In order to identify which unit has been installed, on the bottom of the unit there will be a black label which indicates the serial number. If the number starts H5 it indicates it is a 16amp unit and H6 means it is a 30amp unit.

    Nice to be able to prove Inept Gas haven’t swindled me.



    Perhaps nice to mention the free Renault ZE Services app which does exactly the same and also controls the A/C and charging with your smartphone? I find there is very often a large lag in refresh of the status, not solved by manual refresh either. Hopefully a temporary thing, as I do like using the app.



    Nosig – I’ve noticed the same thing, but I think it’s crappy serverside software/architecture that’s causing the lag.

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