The ZOE Range Rule 2

ZOE Range = (1110 / Speed) 1.95

– where Range is in km and Speed in km/hr, and Speed is from 30km/hr to 140km/hr


I have revisited the ZOE Range Rule since Nosig made his detailed numerical data available. Using this data with Microsoft Excel’s line fitting ability gives the revised Range Rule above.

This equation is more accurate than the previous one, though significantly harder (actually virtually impossible) to do in your head! A fairly close approximation to it, at least in the range 50-130km/h, is to use (1050/speed)2; some people may be able to do that mentally.

None of these approximations are perfect, nor close-fitting across the whole range of speeds. In particular, the data show some irregularities in the range 70-110km/h. Therefore some further work on measuring energy consumption at different speeds would be beneficial.

Nevertheless, I will be returning soon to work on the My Renault ZOE Range Predictor app for Android, and for that I will use the new ‘official’ Range Rule above.