Would you still buy your Renault ZOE (knowing what you know now)?

A poll suggested by forum member MITSCH:

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Please vote in this poll – but only if you own a ZOE. Also, please add a comment/reply so we can judge whether the votes are from real people (i.e. not spam). Thanks.

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    Trevor Larkum

    Trevor Larkum

    I have voted ‘Yes, definitely’. But I don’t imagine that was in any doubt!



    I’ve voted ‘yes, definitely’ because the car and what it represents are certainly worth the pain. However, anyone considering buying should be aware of:

    * Terrible customer services from Renault
    * R-Link still has lots of rough edges/bugs and I’ve had no reply from any of my emails to their support about the various issues
    * Don’t expect to be able to rely on public chargepoints – they are a bonus but nothing more
    * British Gas can be a real pain getting your home charger installed.



    Voted – Yes definitely!
    Now that I have a space-saver spare wheel and a jack onboard, I can travel on motorway without the added anxiety.
    Also got a set of winter tyres on a second set of alloys. Soon be Christmas and temperatures in UK will drop below the magic 7 degree censius barrier.



    Yes definitely
    But as farblue has pointed out a lot of little things need sorting



    No regrets at all! ZOE is a fantastic car full-stop , never mind an amazing EV. Yes the road from pre-reservation through to delivery was rough and frustrating, however that can now mostly be forgotten. Renault seriously need to improve their core customer services and public relations (in general)! I just hope that Zoe continues to be a work in progress for all parties involved (Renault, TomTom, Michelin etc.) so that the car’s final issues can be ironed out and features added and improved over time.



    Voted – Yes definitely

    I have no regrets about buying the car I just really hope this kind of motoring becomes common place and takes off. I’d really like to think in three or four years time I’d be looking at a Zoe-II a sports car or perhaps Tesla’s car for the masses. I wold hope too a few friends have taken the plunge in going EV motoring based on my ownership.



    I voted yes definitely too. Quite simply this is the best car i’ve ever owned. Even my ‘basic’ model has a really high specification, the car looks great, it’s fun to drive. Sure things could be better- renault should consider ditching BG, improve their training and support for dealers and listen to their early adopters. But you have ti hand it to them- they’ve developed one heck of a car!


    Trevor Larkum

    Thanks for all the positive comments – it’s encouraging that most people would definitely order again. However, I’d be interested in hearing from those who voted Probably or Maybe to get their point of view.



    We voted probably not because of the abysmal treatment that we received from renault UK while our Zoe was off the road for 3months with “charging issues”.

    After blaming my wife, blaming me and then blaming our charger 4 times the issues where cured by Renault EV Service Birmingham by updating and overwriting the battery charge computer software in our car,

    Our Zoe is working fine now but if only Renault UK could have worked with us instead of 3months of denial and blame games.

    Their attitude towards us stank :{ :{

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 46 total)

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