Renault ZOE – Champion of Ecological Car Sharing

Renault ZOE - Padua Car Sharing (Image:
Renault ZOE – Padua Car Sharing (Image:

The opening ceremony was held at the conference “Electric Mobility in Padua, to the Smart City of the Future”

Renault Zoe will be the champion of the new electric car sharing service launched this week in Padua, with the submission of the recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles being installed in the city of Venice.

Francesco Fontana Giusti, Communications Director of Renault Italy, said:

“The electric car sharing service opened today in Padua reflects the changing needs of the cities, undertook to find a more sustainable balance between commuting and respect for the environment. This is one of the first projects that recognizes a significant advantage to electric vehicles in car sharing service with respect to the thermal vehicles: the total absence of polluting emissions during use.”

Further details (via Google Translate):