New electricity tariff offers 1,000 free car miles

Ecotricity Electric Highway (Image:
Ecotricity Electric Highway (Image:

Drivers of electric cars will receive 1,000 free miles every year with a new electricity tariff being launched by green energy company Ecotricity.

Green Electricity + Car – will not only power customers homes with green energy but also their cars (either 100% electric or plug-in hybrids), plus they’ll get free access to Ecotricity’s national network of fast chargers[1] – the Electric Highway.

This latest move comes after Ecotricity announced a price freeze for all gas and electricity customers until the end of winter (April 1st), making them cheaper[2] than the standard tariff of the Big Six energy companies.

Dale Vince, founder of Britain’s leading green energy company, Ecotricity, said:

“To get the greatest environmental benefit from an electric car, it needs to be charged using 100% green electricity from the wind and the sun – otherwise you’re still powering it from dirty fossil fuels.

“Ecotricity’s new tariff ensures customers with electric cars are recharging at home with green energy and as a bonus they’ll get at least 1,000 free miles worth of electricity[3].

“And when away from home – drivers of electric cars will also have access to the Electric Highway which will allow fast-charging at 90%[4] of motorway service stations around Britain. So when you’re out and about you can still drive with zero emissions.”

Ecotricity is launching the Green Electricity + Car tariff to coincide with Volkswagen bringing its first electric car – the e-up! city car – to the British market.

Ecotricity have signed a partnership deal with Volkswagen Group (UK) Limited, the UK importer of Volkswagen Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles, Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA, to be their official green energy supplier, meaning all customers purchasing an electric car from one of the Group brands will be offered the new Ecotricity tariff and a free smart meter installation.

Vince said:

“Ecotricity is a twenty-first century energy company; combining the two types of traditional energy company: one that provides power to your home using electricity and gas, and the other that provides power to your car using petrol and diesel.

“Now a single energy company can provide power to both your home and your car from the same clean, green, renewable sources.”

The launch comes as the Electric Highway continues to expand, with an average of four new £20,000 chargers being installed each week. It is fast becoming a truly national charging network for electric vehicles and will cover 90% of Britain’s motorways by the Spring. It allows EV drivers to travel the length and breadth of Britain and re-charge in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee.


[1] Fast charge with compatible vehicles only

[2] On average, cheaper than the standard tariff of the traditional Big Five electricity company in your region.

[3] Compared to Ecotricity’s normal Green Electricity tariff.

[4] Every Moto, RoadChef & Welcome Break – who together own 87 out the Britain’s 98 motorway service stations – is having fast-chargers installed as part of the Electric Highway, which allows charging in 20-30mins.

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    Trevor Larkum

    Drivers of electric cars will receive 1,000 free miles every year with a new electricity tariff being launched by green energy company Ecotricity. Gre
    [See the full post at: New electricity tariff offers 1,000 free car miles]


    Trevor Larkum

    I’m posting this on the assumption that the deal, although launched with VW, won’t be exclusive and will be available to ZOE owners (though perhaps only at some point after the VW launch).



    It does seem to be available to all owners of EVs: you have to show them a V5 or other proof of ownership. It is, however, something of a gimmick. All it really amounts to is a discount on your annual electricity bill, dressed up as ‘free miles’; any discount is welcome, of course, but taken in combination with their overall tariff it makes it only slightly cheaper for me than what I’m currently paying with Southern Electric, and rather more expensive than some of the deals currently available should I eventually force myself to switch suppliers. It is green, however, which is a consideration.



    I spoke to Ecotricity today as I gave them my readings as a part of my switchover from Scottish Gas and mentioned the new “+Car” tariff and they just told me to send them a copy of the V5C. They did ask what the car model was, but were totally happy when I mentioned the ZOE. I have forwarded a copy of the V5C so we will see if that works. Further to rjarnold’s comments, I decided to switch primarily because of the green credentials, good customer service and to support the Electric Highway, with the tariff being a little more expensive than what I had previously been paying. However with this new deal it should work out at the same cost. I’m pleased by that.

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