Even more flexible EV ownership packages from Renault


  • Full purchase battery option now available on ZOE i and Kangoo Van Z.E. i
  • Battery Hire scheme continues on ZOE, Twizy & Kangoo Van Z.E.
  • Five-year / 60,000-mile battery warranty on i versions
  • ZOE i available from £18,443 after Government Plug-in Car Grant
  • Kangoo Van Z.E. i from £16,161 (+VAT) after Government Plug-in Van Grant
  • Battery Hire now even more affordable with new offers – from £25 per month for ZOE and from £33+VAT for Kangoo Van Z.E.

Renault UK is today introducing new ownership packages with two of its most popular electric vehicles as part of its determination to make Z.E. (zero emissions in use) mobility flexible and accessible to the widest number of drivers.

Customers will now be able to order new ZOE i and Kangoo Van Z.E. i versions that are supplied ‘Full Purchase’.  This means that there is now the choice between full ownership of the vehicle and the battery, or buy-the-car/hire-the-battery schemes.

Potential Renault electric-vehicle customers can therefore tailor an ownership package to their exact requirements. There’s also good news for those who prefer the peace of mind and lower purchase cost of battery hire, with a special offer with lower monthly rates for ZOE and Kangoo Van Z.E.

Whichever ownership package the customer chooses, the model line-up is exactly the same, with the exception of an ‘i’ badge on the tailgate for full purchase vehicles to ensure easy identification for the used vehicle market.

The ZOE continues to be available in Expression, Dynamique Zen and Dynamique Intens trim levels, while the Kangoo Van Z.E range mirrors the versions available in diesel form, with Van, Maxi, Crew Van and Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Cab to choose from.

The ZOE i is available from £18,443 ‘on-the-road’, after the Government’s Plug-in Car Grant, compared to £13,995 on battery lease. The Kangoo Van i range starts at £16,161 (+VAT) after the Government grant, compared to £12,995 (+VAT) if the battery is leased.

These full purchase models are protected by a five-year, 60,000-mile warranty on the batteries in addition to the standard Renault vehicle protection of four years / 100,000 miles. The battery warranty gives the customer peace of mind against possible decreases in battery performance over time, guaranteeing a minimum of 70 per cent of the original capacity for ZOE and 66 per cent for Kangoo Van Z.E.

Ken Ramirez, Managing Director, Renault UK, commented:

“Renault was a pioneer in the EV market and has remained a leader by offering the best technology, across a wide Z.E. line-up and at affordable prices.  The battery leasing scheme has proved popular with customers for the flexibility and lower purchase prices it offers.  The addition of full purchase versions on our core EV models will offer private and business customers a greater choice and further strengthen our position in the UK EV market.”

CAP Monitor, one of the UK’s leading assessors of vehicle residual values, has responded positively to these initiatives.  Martin Ward, CAP Manufacturer Relationship Manager commented:

“The ZOE and Kangoo Van Z.E. ranges have become a time-tested, high-quality, innovative and important component of a fast-growing vehicle sector. CAP Automotive welcomes any steps that broaden choice for the customer and increase the opportunities for take-up of these cars by the motoring public and businesses.”

Battery Hire – Customer Offers

Meanwhile, the battery hire scheme, which has proved to be such an attractive proposition with early adopters of electric vehicles, becomes even more appealing with the introduction of a new special offer.

Battery hire will start from £25 per month (down from £45) for the ZOE and from £33+VAT per month (down from £61+VAT) for the Kangoo Van Z.E. range.  Over a 36-month period this represents a total saving of £900 on ZOE and £1,008+VAT on Kangoo Van Z.E. on the cost of the battery lease.

The flexibility and convenience of Battery Hire make these offers even more attractive, with a Lifetime Performance Guarantee on batteries under its lease scheme, including repair or replacement if they fall below 75 per cent of their original capacity, as well as the peace of mind of roadside recovery even in the event of an owner running out of charge away from a charging point.

Renault has the widest range of all-electric vehicles on sale in the UK.  In addition to the stylish ZOE supermini and workaholic Kangoo Van Z.E., it also offers the fun-in-the-city Twizy.  Renault has already sold a total of 2,000 electric vehicles in the UK.



Battery Hire*        Battery Purchase

ZOE Expression                                 £13,995                          n/a

ZOE Dynamique Zen                          £15,195                          n/a

ZOE Dynamique Intens                      £15,195                          n/a

ZOE i-Expression                                           n/a                          £18,443         

ZOE i-Dynamique Zen                                   n/a                          £20,043         

ZOE i-Dynamique Intens                              n/a                          £20,043

*= Battery Hire on ZOE from £25/month


N.B.  All pricing figures are after the Government Plug-in Car Grant.



Battery Hire*        Battery Purchase

Kangoo Van Z.E.                                         £12,995                          n/a

Kangoo Maxi Z.E.                                        £13,895                          n/a

Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Z.E.                          £14,395                          n/a

Kangoo Maxi Crew Van CAB Z.E.                   £14,895                          n/a

Kangoo i Van Z.E.                                                    n/a                          £16,161

Kangoo i Maxi Z.E.                                                  n/a                          £17,062

Kangoo i Maxi Crew Van Z.E.                               n/a                          £17,561

Kangoo i Maxi Crew Van CAB Z.E.                       n/a                          £18,062

* = Battery Hire on Kangoo Z.E. from £33/month


N.B. All prices excluding VAT and after the Government Plug-in Van Grant.                                  

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    Trevor Larkum

    EVEN MORE FLEXIBLE EV OWNERSHIP PACKAGES FROM RENAULT  Full purchase battery option now available on ZOE i and Kangoo Van Z.E. i Battery Hire scheme c
    [See the full post at: Even more flexible EV ownership packages from Renault ]


    Trevor Larkum

    Given the good experience I’ve had with my ZOE so far I would now be happy to buy it with the battery included.



    I’m unsure. I don’t think I will encounter any degradation soon, but Renault has also stated that an upgrade to a bigger pack will be possible in the future and I would think that would be easier with the leasing scheme.

    I have contacted my dealer to ask what the options are for existing owners. I have no idea what I will do when I get the option to buy the battery.



    Will we early adopters (28-05-2013) be offered the reduced battery rental or is it business as usual for us?



    Thanks, Mine’s not arrived yet, but id gone for the £45 rental, so will be having words with the dealer.



    here is the answer if we can buy the battery… 🙁




    I think as long as we increase the mileage allowance from 7500 to 9000 they should allow us to get the new £57 rental price instead of the £70 for 7500. I have emailed my dealer to get them to ask the question. I’ve not even made my first payment yet so I’m a bit annoyed as the dealer must of known this was coming!!



    Yep, I got the same reply so if you want to buy the battery you will need to P/X your 18 month old Zoe for £8k against the
    Zoe-i and find an extra £12k to drive the same model!

    I think not 🙁



    Not a great service, I hope they fix that soon!



    I am struggling to resist the temptation of the latest Zoe offer, for £10k with £50pm battery.

    I’ll go arrange a test drive sometime soon. Have to say, though, I did go take a look at Zoe when it first came out early last year and wasn’t initially impressed. I felt the interior was average, but also cramped. For £10k+£50pm, however, it becomes a question of value rather than, necessarily, quality.

    … However, for a while now I have been thinking “gee, EV prices must have bottomed out and it can only be so long before everyone’s after one, and prices go up!”. Yet, I seem to be sorely mistaken and prices just keep coming down. Is this offer, ’til 31 Dec, something that will go away in the new year, or drop further still??

    Which has lead me to another thought…. there has been talk of a 300km Zoe for 2014. Obviously hasn’t happened, but would make sense to be reducing prices now, and unloading batteries, if they have that in the wings for a ‘Zoe 2’ 2015 launch and still have lots of unsold Zoe 1’s around. Drop the rental for 7.5k miles so that the bigger battery can again be set to £70pm without p!ssing off too many recent customers who have taken the £50pm rate.

    Is that it?

    Or is it simply that LG (from what I have gleaned from an internet trawl this morning) can now get batteries delivered to VMs for £150/kWh? Apparently, that is now the case.

    Ah! Sweet temptation! Is this the golden moment to get one, or a clever ploy to draw me in and pick up obsolete stock?

    (PS – I did ask and apparently if you have a £70pm lease, you are stuck on it. That has to be an ‘ouch’ to recent customers, and causes me to hesitate to wonder what might be offered next year that I, too, could be stuck on a lesser deal.)

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