300 Miles in a Day

ZOE rapid charging at Chieveley Services (Image: T. Larkum)
ZOE rapid charging at Chieveley Services (Image: T. Larkum)

In October I managed, for the first time ever, to drive 300 miles one day in my Renault ZOE. I like to think that puts me in the ‘elite club’ of long distance electric car drivers!

Of course, I’m not the first ZOE owner to join – at least two other members of the MyRenaultZOE forum (Timbo and Surya) beat me to it. Nonetheless, I consider it an important personal achievement, more significant than my previous record of 360 miles in a weekend.

It’s not just that it was a good distance but that it was actually done on a business trip. With an electric car I travelled half the length of the country, arrived on time for a series of business meetings beginning at 1030, and drove back home afterward. All without drama – though undoubtedly with a debt of gratitude to the excellent rapid-charging infrastructure we have in England.

I left home in Northampton at about 6.30am…

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    Trevor Larkum

    In October I managed, for the first time ever, to drive 300 miles one day in my Renault ZOE. I like to think that puts me in the ‘elite club’ of long
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    Very impressive, shows how viable EVs are becoming.

    I was going to post that we had a 40 mile round trip to Bluewater yesterday…I don’t think I’ll bother 🙂 What was interesting was that the journey was 99.9% highspeed motorway and outbound was essentially all up hill. I was expecting the fairly high and constant current draw would drain the battery, but when we set off, the car had 76 miles, and when we arrived, 53, so it was only out by 3 miles, despite driving for most of the way with a ‘purple dash’



    I love the purple dash



    What’s the purple dash? I’m intrigued



    The theory seems to be the dash goes purple when car is being driven in a sporty manner but mine is always purple above about 60mph. May be connected to what ambience is selected (button to left of battery guage ) 🙂


    Dr Steel

    Welcome Trevor If there is a club I am well and truly in it as I have achieved the 300 barrier a few times

    On Thursday of last week I left my home in Sheffield traveled to Crosby (Liverpool) then to Birmingham center and then home around 312 miles four chargers I was very lucky I hit an empty one on all four occasions

    It does give me a buzz to drive to Zoe when I get the chance most times though its the dreaded train

    Happy days



    The purple dash

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    The blue dash



    Aww I see, I’ll need to look out for that. Thankyou



    I’d like to claim the record now – 407 miles in 24 hours!

    My wife and son wanted to go to York for the university open day. Return tickets were £90 each from London, and as a member of e-carclub I was able to hire a Zoe for £45. We never planned to to do the roundtrip all the way to York, so the idea was to drive to Peterborough and pick up the train there, reducing the return fare to £48 each and hence more than covering the cost of the hire. Peterborough is about 87 miles from our flat so thought might risk trying it on a single charge each way.

    However in the interim I came up with something more ambitious – Doncaster is 84 miles from Peterborough – while my family was at the open day I could make my way leisurely up there and we could all drive back down. The cost of a single Peterborough-Doncaster and a return Doncaster-York saved about another £10 and it would give me something to do rather than hang around all day in Peterborough

    The train we had booked was at 8.15 but as I wasnt confident of getting there on a single charge we left at 5am to allow additional charge time and contingency. Our first recharge was at South Mimms services, not far along the journey but safely get that anxiety out of the way. We arrived on time at Peterborough on a blazing sunny morning and having seen off wife and son on the train, I went 1m down the road to Asda where there is a 7kw charger, and I could get the weekend shopping done. The next stop was the services on the A1(M) just by the Peterborough turn-off, where a fast charger was a more practical way of topping up than spending 3 hours at Asda car park.

    As I headed North I became aware of warnings that the A1(M) was closed at Newark – but in my planning I’d committed to stopping at Grantham for the next charge – past the diversion turnoff. So after successfully topping up there I had to come back down and take the A52 to get across to Nottingham to pick up the M1.
    After a long hack across country and congested ring road, came off the motorway at Tibshelf. Given the A1(M) closure, I resolved to return all the way on M1, and this services was nicely placed to top up on the way back as well

    To cut the first half of the story short, arrived at Doncaster just after 2.30pm – over 7 hours after setting out!

    To be continued – return journey

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