New Renault ZOE from £198 per month fuel included

Renault ZOE Deals

These have to be the best deals currently available on any ‘supermini’ – and with free fuel! We are able to offer a brand new Renault ZOE at very low rates allowing you to save on motoring expenses while driving away in an affordable brand new car. The ZOE is essentially a Renault Clio with an electric motor – only even better looking!


If you’re spending a lot on petrol, then you can pay for the car with what you save on petrol and car tax. You get to drive a new car for free!

We are offering a Renault ZOE Dynamique Nav on 2 year PCP; this stands for Personal Contract Purchase and is currently the most popular way to buy a car because of its flexibility. You put down a deposit, pay an affordable monthly fee (less than many people spend just on petrol), and drive away a new car with fuel included. At the end of the two year term you can choose to pay an optional lump sum and keep the car, or you can just give the car back and upgrade to the latest model.

It’s like a mobile phone contract, but with miles rather than minutes included.

These are the current prices (from 1 October 2016):

Annual MileageMonthly Cost
(£990 Deposit)
Monthly Cost
(£500 Deposit)
Fuel Included Miles

The other terms are as follows:

  • There’s an initial payment (‘deposit’), as specified, when you order.
  • A finance fee of £99 will be added to the first monthly payment.
  • All prices include VAT (these offers are only available to private customers).
  • Fuel included: you get free electricity over the two years as listed above (this is at the Economy 7 rate but you are not required to switch to Economy 7).
  • You get free road tax and congestion charge exemption.
  • You get a free home charge point paid for by Renault.
  • You get free breakdown recovery, and telephone and email support.
  • There is no MOT required within the contract term.
  • The standard colour is Glacier White. For other colours add the following monthly cost: Iceberg Blue £10; Neptune Grey, Calico Grey, Diamond Black £21; Arctic White £25.
  • The Dynamique Nav fully charges at a rapid charge point (e.g. at motorway services and Ikea) in about an hour, an upgrade to the Nav Rapid is £500 (or £21 per month) and allows a rapid charge in about 35 minutes.
  • All prices quoted include battery rental.
  • If you were to go over the agreed mileage you would pay excess mileage (for the car plus the battery) at 15.5p/mile – the exception is the very low mileage option (3000 miles per year) when it’s 38p/mile.

Full details of what’s included in the deals are on the Fuel Included offer page.

Renault ZOE: Battery Charging Impossible (BCI)

[Update: This BCI issue used to come up occasionally on the early models of the Renault ZOE like my 2013 example. I’m not aware of it being reported on the 2017/18 Renault ZOE ZE40, or on used ZOEs with the latest firmware updates, so it may now only be of historical interest.]

Early models of the Renault ZOE would quite often encounter problems with charging at public charging points and would show a message saying “Battery Charging Impossible” (BCI). The ZOE electronics were updated at about the time the R240 version of the ZOE entered production to fix this issue – however, I’ve learned it can still happen with a 2015 ZOE so let’s look at it in detail.

I had one of the early ZOE’s so I’m experienced with this error. The first thing to note is that in most cases it does not indicate that there is anything wrong with the car. The message simply means “Battery Charging Unsuccessful” and refers to the last charge attempted whereas the wording – perhaps a poor translation from the French – implies something more serious.

When a charge point (CP) is connected to the ZOE a communication takes place between the car and CP to agree a rate of charge. Also the ZOE checks the earth connection of the CP to make sure that it is securely earthed for safety reasons. A BCI error generally indicates that the ZOE found that the CP is not sufficiently well earthed to be safe and so it refuses to charge.

While this might seem to be obviously an appropriate response to a potentially dangerous situation the simple fact is that other electric cars are not so ‘fussy’ as the ZOE and quite often will charge at a CP that the ZOE has a problem with. Worse, the earth connection will vary with outside factors (e.g. weather and dampness of the ground) so that a ZOE can be happy with a CP one day but refuse to use it another day. While it might seem reassuring that the ZOE errs on the side of caution and refuses to charge with a CP that it can’t guarantee to be safe, the result is frustration for the driver when the car needs a charge.

The issue of a BCI from poor CP earthing is well documented. However, there may be another issue that causes BCI’s occasionally. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that the ZOE charges more reliably – particularly with DBT rapid chargers – if the weight of the cable is taken off the connector when the connector is inserted into the car. It’s possible the cause is that the upper pins are not fully connecting during insertion. I suggest, therefore, a BCI may also be caused occasionally by the connector being pulled down by the weight of the cable when initiating the charge. This may be exacerbated if the spare cable is ‘tidily’ pushed under the nose of the car.

Since BCI in its simplest form is just a message to let the driver know that the last charge attempted didn’t succeed the obvious solution is just to try charging again. Unfortunately the BCI seems to be a ‘sticky’ error, in other words once it has happened it more likely to happen on subsequent tries – until a charge succeeds at which point it is completely wiped from the system. Therefore it is not unknown for follow on attempts to charge to produce a BCI even on a CP (e.g. at home) that has previously been fine.

In most cases, however, the BCI ‘stickiness’ will time out. Anecdotally, most people find that it only lasts 10-15 minutes, some people have found it lasts about an hour, and occasionally it can last until the car has sat overnight. In an ideal situation it is best to let the error time out and then try charging again – but it is not unknown for an attempt to charge while the error is still there to succeed, and for it to be cleared, before it has timed out.

Occasionally all attempts to clear a BCI fail and this indicates a hardware fault – it is, however, very unusual. The first thing to check would be the charging cable. If that is fine, then the car needs to be taken to a dealer to be checked.

So, let’s add that all together into a useful procedure.

What to do if you get a Battery Charging Impossible (BCI) message


  1. Don’t panic! In most cases it’s fixable by the driver and doesn’t indicate a long-term issue.
  2. Try charging at least 3 times before giving up:
    • Support the connector where it goes into the car to make sure the upper pins are fully connecting. Listen for a successful latching of the connector into the car (multiple latching sounds may indicate a problem).
    • If you’re at a location with multiple charge points, try a different one each time if possible.
  3. If that fails, shut down, lock up the car and leave it for 15 minutes, then repeat from 2.
  4. If that fails, shut down, lock up the car and leave it for at least 1 hour, then repeat from 2. However, if time is tight go to the next step.
  5. Drive to a different type of charge point and repeat from 2. If possible, it’s usually best to use your home CP as that’s the most reliable and forgiving type. Otherwise, if at a street 7kW charge point try a rapid charge point, or vice versa. Repeat from 2.
  6. If that fails (and that should be very rare) then it could be the cable. Borrow an alternative Type 2 cable and repeat from 2.
  7. If that fails then it looks like there may be a problem with the car – call your dealer and arrange for the car to be checked.

Source: Fuel Included Blog

Renault partners with Waze to enhance driver’s experience

  • Renault and Waze to work together on scenarios to enhance car-app user experience
  • Exclusive Waze for Android Auto prototype demo at Renault Stand for Paris Motor Show
  • 13,000 electric chargers locations in France, brought to users by Renault in Waze application
Renault partners with Waze to enhance driver’s experience
Renault partners with Waze to enhance driver’s experience

Paris, September 29th 2016 – Renault today announced a collaboration with Waze, the free, real time, crowdsourced traffic and navigation app, to bring better driving and navigation solutions to customers and drivers of Renault cars.

Waze will showcase a prototype demo of Waze for Android Auto exclusively with Renault at the world’s largest motor show, Paris Motor Show, which opens this week. This initiative with Waze underscores Renault’s objective to make drivers’ lives easier, by making the road safer, more enjoyable and by optimizing their journey.

“Renault is committed to making life on board easy, and we are delighted to work closely with Waze on connecting drivers in our cars with the free, popular navigation app in order to give customers more choice about what they want to use”,

said Benoit Joly, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Connected Car & Mobility Services at Groupe Renault.

To celebrate the launch of the ZOE with new Z.E. 40 battery, starting October 1st, Renault-branded pins will appear  within the Waze map of 13,000 French electric car charging locations, as well as branded search in-app to better locate these stations.

Jerome Marty, Ads Waze Country Manager France said:

“For Waze, the navigation app powered by the world’s largest community of drivers, our mission is to help drivers be more knowledgeable on the roads. Knowing that Renault is breaking into new territory by popularizing electric cars, it’s critical that we’re able to help our joint customers find charging stations as easily as a petrol station. We’re both committed to making driving a pleasant and easy experience and look forward to finding additional ways to work together like Waze for Android Auto.”

Source: Renault Media via Fuel Included News

Renault ZOE Edition One

A pioneer in electric mobility and the market leader for electric vehicles in Europe, Renault is innovating again. The brand is offering its customers an unprecedented 400km NEDC driving range (300km in real conditions) by fitting ZOE, the top-selling electric car in France and Europe, with a new ZE 40 battery. From Saturday 1 October, customers will be able to order their ZOE from the Renault stand at the Paris Motor Show, as well as throughout our sales network.

Simplified battery hire pricing

Renault is using the ZOE ZE 40 launch to unveil a simplified battery hire price plan with no minimum commitment. It includes a “Flex ZE 40” package that is adjusted to your mileage, and the “Relax” package with unlimited mileage, for private customers only. With this clarified pricing, customers will be able to better plan their expenditure and manage their budget for their electric car.
For the launch of the new ZE 40 battery, this dual price plan comes with a promotional special offer including :
– Vehicle + battery rental (5,000 km/yr)
– Contribution to charging socket + installation up to €500
– 2 charging cables (flexi-charger for domestic sockets and a cable for Wall-boxes and public recharge points).

New design features

ZOE is available in two new shades: Intense Red and Titanium Grey
The INTENS model now comes with electric fold-away wing mirrors and new 16” two-tone aluminium wheel rims. Its interior has been given an elegant makeover with a harmonious black colour scheme for the upholstery and various passenger compartment components. A new blue interior colour pack is available for this model, combining elegance and colour.


Edition One, a top of the range limited edition

Based on the Intens model, the Série Limitée Edition One stands out thanks to its premium leather upholstery, heated front seats, and the Bose® audio system. It comes with a unique and exclusive paint-job in Yttrium Grey.

ZOE Edition One boasts an elegant interior:
– Luxury leather upholstery, with a soft, natural appearance
– Elegantly designed seats with cushioned backrest and topstitching
– New shiny metallic Smoky Grey steering wheel decoration
– Velvet protective carpets in front and back
– Badges on flanks and threshold of front door with “Edition One” stamp

With no engine noise or vibrations, the ZOE’s passenger compartment offers a particularly silent ride, and is the perfect setting for enjoying the Bose® sound system with its 4 high-performance speakers, 2 tweeter speakers, and subwoofer.

The Série Limitée Edition One also emphasises warmth and comfort.
– Heated front seats with three temperature settings for immediate warmth
– Driver’s seat with manually adjustable lumbar support to suit all body types

Source: Renault Nissan Blog via Fuel Included News