Renault ZOE Edition One

A pioneer in electric mobility and the market leader for electric vehicles in Europe, Renault is innovating again. The brand is offering its customers an unprecedented 400km NEDC driving range (300km in real conditions) by fitting ZOE, the top-selling electric car in France and Europe, with a new ZE 40 battery. From Saturday 1 October, customers will be able to order their ZOE from the Renault stand at the Paris Motor Show, as well as throughout our sales network.

Simplified battery hire pricing

Renault is using the ZOE ZE 40 launch to unveil a simplified battery hire price plan with no minimum commitment. It includes a “Flex ZE 40” package that is adjusted to your mileage, and the “Relax” package with unlimited mileage, for private customers only. With this clarified pricing, customers will be able to better plan their expenditure and manage their budget for their electric car.
For the launch of the new ZE 40 battery, this dual price plan comes with a promotional special offer including :
– Vehicle + battery rental (5,000 km/yr)
– Contribution to charging socket + installation up to €500
– 2 charging cables (flexi-charger for domestic sockets and a cable for Wall-boxes and public recharge points).

New design features

ZOE is available in two new shades: Intense Red and Titanium Grey
The INTENS model now comes with electric fold-away wing mirrors and new 16” two-tone aluminium wheel rims. Its interior has been given an elegant makeover with a harmonious black colour scheme for the upholstery and various passenger compartment components. A new blue interior colour pack is available for this model, combining elegance and colour.


Edition One, a top of the range limited edition

Based on the Intens model, the Série Limitée Edition One stands out thanks to its premium leather upholstery, heated front seats, and the Bose® audio system. It comes with a unique and exclusive paint-job in Yttrium Grey.

ZOE Edition One boasts an elegant interior:
– Luxury leather upholstery, with a soft, natural appearance
– Elegantly designed seats with cushioned backrest and topstitching
– New shiny metallic Smoky Grey steering wheel decoration
– Velvet protective carpets in front and back
– Badges on flanks and threshold of front door with “Edition One” stamp

With no engine noise or vibrations, the ZOE’s passenger compartment offers a particularly silent ride, and is the perfect setting for enjoying the Bose® sound system with its 4 high-performance speakers, 2 tweeter speakers, and subwoofer.

The Série Limitée Edition One also emphasises warmth and comfort.
– Heated front seats with three temperature settings for immediate warmth
– Driver’s seat with manually adjustable lumbar support to suit all body types

Source: Renault Nissan Blog via Fuel Included News

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    Trevor Larkum

    A pioneer in electric mobility and the market leader for electric vehicles in Europe, Renault is innovating again. The brand is offering its customers
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    Is that going to be available in the UK though? I thought I read it was France only, though that seems an odd thing to do.



    Wont be called Edition One over here. There will be a new top of the range Signature Nav model instead in the UK.



    I assume it will arrive with the long awaited Dab radio, now standard in the Clio?



    All Zoes now have DAB included. 😉



    Good to hear Renault have eventually caught up with Ford and co who have installed all their cars with Dab for over 3 years now, they wanted almost £300 for a dab chip not that long ago.I notice the new door speakers on the Clio are base reflex, magic, you pay for a hole in the door,smoke and mirrors, bling, or new design excellence?

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