The End of an Era (Renault ZOE 2015)

[From 5 January] I heard the news from Renault in about the middle of December that there were just 11 of the Renault ZOE ‘Dynamique Nav’ still in ‘stock’, i.e. available to sell across the UK dealer network or in Renault’s south coast import yard. That is the 2015 model of the ZOE, the one with the 22kWh battery and the Renault motor (so with 80-100 miles of range). It is effectively the definitive model of the Renault ZOE so far.

Well I learned today that all stock has been sold – there are no more new 2015 ZOE’s available to order from stock anywhere in the UK (there is just one example of the lower ‘Expression’ model remaining in stock, but that model doesn’t get PCP support from Renault so has never been popular or successful – it represents something like just 1 in 20 of ZOE’s sold). What remain at dealers are just the few ZOE’s that have already been ordered (e.g. on ‘spec’ by a dealer, or cancellations) and we are currently tracking down the last ones for keen customers.

So the Renault ZOE as we have known it in the UK is no more. From now on all new orders taken will be for the 2017 model ZOE – the Renault factory in Cléon retooled to manufacture this model during last autumn and deliveries are due to customers from February/March.

Renault ZOE Z.E.40
Renault ZOE Z.E.40

Virtually all new orders will be for the long-range Z.E. 40 (41kWh) ‘Dynamique Nav’ and ‘Signature Nav’ models as, again, the new ‘Expression’ model (which only comes in the old short-range 22kWh form) gets so little PCP support that it is unlikely to sell in meaningful numbers in the UK.

I see this, then, as the end of an era. From now on the Renault ZOE will – in any meaningful sense – only be available in Z.E. 40 form. Renault have ditched sub-100 mile EVs (except, perhaps, on paper) and from now on will only produce 200 mile* EVs. That is a major milestone in the development of European EVs with meaningful ranges.

The king is dead – long live the king!


*well, 180-190 miles so close enough to 200 miles to count!

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    Trevor Larkum

    [From 5 January] I heard the news from Renault in about the middle of December that there were just 11 of the Renault ZOE ‘Dynamique Nav’ still in ‘st
    [See the full post at: The End of an Era (Renault ZOE 2015)]



    Not sure where to fit this in so, since my Dynamique Zen is now over 3 years old, thought this thread seemed most suitable.
    My Zoe had its 3 year service (and first MOT) in December. Now on over 22,000 miles, it passed without any need for anything doing at all. Interestingly, brake pads are only 30/35% worn which is a big contrast with my previous ICE car (a Renault Modus) which would have needed replacement pads by now. (Sheffield hills make for a lot of braking). I can only assume that the regenerative braking through the motor is the reason why disc pad wear is so slight.
    In another thread I share my exploration of my wish to replace the present traction battery of 22kW with the new 40kW one. The quote is for over 3K which seems a tad high(!)
    I Continue to enjoy driving the car and feel strangely slumming it whenever I need to drive our other – petrol – car. Strangers who ask me about the Zoe are still surprised that it’s not a hybrid. ‘Oh. I didn’t know you could buy a straight electric car’ was one comment from a retired engineer, of all people.
    Have seen the newspaper ads for the new Zoe, but am still amazed at how little if any we see of TV and other media commercials for it. ‘Light’ and ‘bushel’ spring to mind.



    Similar here. First MOT yesterday and plenty of rubber left on the tyres plus little brake wear.

    Interestingly I got a letter with a code which may give me the chance to “move up” to the new Zoe a year earlier than planned (1 year left of the PCP). Going to go in to discuss it at the weekend. I don’t need the additional range for most of my journeys but it does give me the opportunity to make longer trips (such as the in laws) without the worry about planning a charge stop.

    I was thinking about waiting to see if the Tesla III would be available but I suspect this will cost a little too much and there certainly won’t be any manufacturer incentives there.

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