Renault Zoe is best selling plug-in car in Germany

Renault Zoe was the best selling plug-in car in Germany last month, keeping up with its sales trend this year and setting a new record for sales of plug-in (BEV and PHEV) vehicles on German market.

Zoe was followed by Audi A3 e-tron (535 units sold, best plugin-hybrid) in the second place, while BMW 225xe Active Tourer was third with 338 units sold. Renault Zoe was also the most successful plug-in car in the first half of 2017, racking up 2.429 sales.

Second ant third place again goes to Audi A3 e-tron and BMW 225xe Active Tourer. Bavarian PHEV edged out Mitsubishi Outlander plugin hybrid in the fight for third place. With 4.624 registrations in June German plug-in car market recorded 181% on year-on-year growth vs. June 2016, and total year to date sales for first six months are up 115%.

Source: Plugin Magazine via Fuel Included news