Buyers are snapping up electric runarounds – and some are worth 30% more than a year ago

  • New data shows that 11 second-hand cars have increased in value in the last year
  • That’s despite each one having another 12,000 miles put on the clock
  • Of the appreciating models, the biggest increases came for old electric cars
  • The list also includes petrol and petrol-hybrid older vehicles

If you want to buy a car that will rise in value, you usually need to go for something classic or exotic – not a £6,000 runaround.

But new figures reveal a handful of family cars bucking the usual price trend and they all share one attribute, they are electric.

Cheapest Electric Cars UK (Image: Fuel Included)
Cheapest Electric Cars in the UK (Image: Fuel Included)

The Renault Zoe is top of a list compiled by price specialist HPI of second hand cars that are rising in value – and someone who bought one this time last year could potentially now sell it for 30 per cent more.

This means that if you had bought an average Renault Zoe in July 2017 for £6,300 and spent the past year putting 12,000 miles on the clock it should now be worth £1,900 more, says HPI.

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