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    Trevor Larkum

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    Trevor Larkum

    Most of the posts on this website have been written by me, with the exception of two last year (by Nosig and Umberto). Increasingly, however, I am pleased to say, we have pieces written by others – most notably recently the ‘Why I’m Replacing my Car with a Renault ZOE’ ones by Surya and ‘300 Miles in a Day’ by timbo. I have therefore worked on the underlying system to handle external contributors better. That means that the recent posts are correctly ascribed to their respective authors (you’ll see their names under the post titles, for example). Furthermore I have gone back and done the same for the posts by Nosig and umberto (now I know how it’s done).

    One of the benefits of the new site theme is that it has support for tracking contributions by author. One upshot of this is that I have been able to create a (largely automatic) page highlighting all contributors. It can be seen on the top menu bar as the Contributors page, and can also be accessed by the link in the post above. On the Contributors page there are links to see all articles created by each author.

    I welcome any further contributions from these existing, and any new, authors. I’ll also continue to ensure that any such posts are correctly attributed and highlighted wherever possible. If you have an idea for a post just drop me a line, or mention it here in the forums.



    Hi Trevor,
    Well done on the good work setting up this site, it has been a useful source of information in my deciding to buy a Zoe Intens which is being delivered on Thursday (1/5/14) .
    How can I start a new messages in the forum (or contribution) ? and I also wonder if it would be worthwhile setting up a facebook page for Uk Zoe Owners as the only Zoe pages seem to be based on the continent. Any thoughts ?


    Trevor Larkum

    I’m not sure what you mean by staring new messages in the forum – you can create new threads ok?



    How do I attach my photo Trevor? I can’t see anyway of doing this.


    Trevor Larkum

    Indira, welcome. If you mean an avatar picture above your name then see the sticky at the top of the forum (here). If you mean just add a picture into a post, then use the Attachments button below where you write the post.



    My Zoe will be on display at Malvern Hills Electric Automobile Association ( ElectrAA) on April 26th Malvern Theatres
    Free event
    6 speakers
    lots of EVs on display
    Take a look at



    Hi All
    Just bought my Zoe principally as a true city car, although I might venture out on longer journeys one day!

    I do have questions however and I have not seen them addressed. The battery lease agreement is, to me, hard to understand in that they ‘promise’ to repair or replace the set if it falls below 75% of ‘original’ capacity, but then leave it to the Zoe owner to ‘prove’ the capacity has dropped. The supplying Renault dealer rooms to have not a clue how to rate a battery set and will not even try to provide a ‘charge statement’ as a benchmark for me to use.

    This seems strange and a huge oversight. There should be a charge capacity statement with the purchase of the vehicle, or at least a theoretical baseline from which to work.

    I have charged to 100% and cannot get a figure of more than 83 miles range. I realise that I will need more cycles to get to peak charge (the car is a pre-reg 8 months old but only done 10 miles when I picked it up). I also have the 17″ alloys which will take about 5% more energy to run I understand…

    Does anyone know of a really good Renault Zoe specialist garage in the Midlands (we are near Newark Notts/Lincoln, Lincs) that would be the place to take our car for appraisal?




    At 83miles with 17″ wheels your about on the money for range.

    If you do the two pedal trip reset trick (charge to 100%, open drivers door, press accelerator and brake and then reset trip B) it should be up around 129-130 on a full charge for range, any less and you’ve got a bit of battery deteriation. Mine says between 124-127 typically. So with a two pedal reset if your car is showing less than 97miles then you’ve got a battery with less than 75% of original capacity.



    @Sandy, your fast information very welcome. I have no idea how you learned of this process, sounds more like alchemy than electronics, but I will give it a go for sure. Do Renault dealers know about this reset trick in general? The one I bought from I doubt would know a positive from a negative pole!

    When you say ‘you have got less than 75% original capacity’ are you basing this on what the battery pack ‘should’ have been? If so, where is that stated please?

    Any other such tips and stats would be most welcome. In particular, any really good Zoe dealers who can be relied upon for proper service.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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