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UK Electric Car Sales

As a UK electric car early adopter I am naturally interested in how well EVs are doing in the market. There doesn’t seem to be a definitive source of information on the subject, but I have found a pretty good source of statistics at the website of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders ( […]

The Pain of Public Charging 8

Last week I went to London with friends to see an evening concert by the prog-rock ‘supergroup’ Transatlantic. The others were up for an adventure so I proposed going in the ZOE – though nearly regretted it due to problems with planning charging for the return journey. I spent a lot of time planning routes […]

The Pain of Public Charging 7

After our recent good experience of public charging on the way to Surrey (see The Joy of Public Charging) I had almost forgotten our previous troubles. I expected to be able to repeat the journey with the minimum of inconvenience or worry – but it was not to be. I had been lulled into a […]

Living with the Renault ZOE EV #3

Learning the foibles of our Public Charging Infrastructure In this video I am comparing charging at a “Rapid” 43kW AC / 50kW DC charger and at a “Fast” 22kW AC charger. For the details of the 43kW charging see my previous post ‘ZOE Charging Curve (APT Rapid)‘. The long and short of it is that […]

ZOE Charging Curve (Ecotricity 43kW)

Despite the regular problems I have had with public charging points (see The Pain of Public Charging 5 and previous episodes) I have had little trouble with my home charging point. The exception is that occasionally it doesn’t charge overnight when using the ZOE’s built-in R-Link timer app. The majority of these occasions have been […]

ZOE Charging Curve (APT Rapid)

I finally had a couple of hours spare this afternoon and after running ZOE down to a range of 4 miles (9% state of charge, SOC) I plugged into a local APT rapid charger that is rated at 43kW. This is one of the chargers that I have real question marks over, on the CYC […]

Living with the Renault ZOE EV #2

Here is the second of my video blogs on ZOE life (part 1 is here). Two weeks after taking delivery of our new Renault ZOE electric car, which is proving a joy around town for all our daily short journeys, it had a big test as it was Burns’ Supper season. Last weekend I drove […]