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    New to this EV revolution, I purchased a 2014 29,000 miles Zoe, picked up on Tues but have started to have problems having to constantly reconnect and restart the cjharging process, BCI, Check Charging Post and finally last night total failure spanner light and battery warning Electroltechnical system warning, had 10 miles left of charge and managed to get home, car is now sitting there, any ideas to I contact renault who I lease the battery from or the dealer.




    Having bought a 2013 Zoe and had no charging problems whatsoever (part-exchanged it for a new Z40 recently having done 29K miles- see other thread) I’m non-plussed by your post.
    I’m assuming you have a) bought it from a Renault dealer who knows the score re electric cars and b) have taken on the rental for the traction battery? If so, then a failure of the battery entitles you to a free low-loader breakdown truck to the nearest renault dealer, if it’s a fault, and the nearest charger if simply out of juice.
    Do you have the standard 7kwh charger as comes to people who buy a new Zoe, or are you charging through a ‘granny’ charger, (a 13amp socket affair)? Test car, if you can get it to go, at a public charger or at the dealers if they have one which might indicate that it’s your charger that’s at fault.
    Unless you’ve been sold a pup – which might be the case with a dealer unfamiliar with ev’s – then the dealer has responsibility for its sale and a period of warranty.
    If you get nowhere with the dealer I would suggest you contact Renault UK and ask for advice.
    I’m sorry I can’t help further. Anybody else got any ideas on this problem?
    PS – just remembered something which contradicts slightly my opening sentence. You are putting the gear lever in Park before you press Stop aren’t you? The reason I ask is that in 2014, not long after we bought the Zen, my wife pressed Stop when the lever was in Drive. The on-board computer didn’t like this and, when she took the car out next time, the big red warning rectangle came up with the spanner sign. Strangely enough, an hour later, after letting the car rest in Park the warning disappeared.
    The next day I took it to the local Renault dealer who ran it through their diagnostics and could find nothing wrong. Their senior electrician couldn’t explain why the sign came up and finally tentatively agreed with me that maybe the car simply ‘doesn’t like it’ when turned off incorrectly. Sounds daft but just maybe? Never had the problem again but then we never stopped in Drive again.



    Hi Richard thanks for the info, I did not purchase the car from a Renault dealer, I have been using the public charging stations as I am not entitled to a home charger as I have no driveway, new to driving automatic it is possible that i have stopped the engine in drive, the car has been taken to the dealer to have it checked over, don’t have much confidence in them as the chap who collected the car with the recovery vehicle tried to start it with jump cables to my wives horror she called me at work and i had to explain to him that it was a ev and boosting the 12v battery would not work. Will keeps you informed.


    Trevor Larkum

    Here’s my summary of the BCI situation in case it’s useful:

    Renault ZOE: Battery Charging Impossible (BCI)

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