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    We have had our 2014 Zoe dynamique intens for 4 years and loved it. At the end of our pcp agreement rather than get a new one we went for a 2016 dynamique nav model. We talked to the dealer, as range was our only issue, and expected to get pretty much the same car but with a greater range on the 2016 newer one. After having it a couple of days the 100% charge range seems the same or even a bit worse!

    Would really appreciate views – should we have got greater range in this model? Could there be a battery issue and we need to take it back.

    Planning to talk to the dealer next week as we are really disappointed and just want to be armed with a bit more info.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who responds and can help.


    Trevor Larkum

    Both models have the same 22kWh battery (assuming the newer one isn’t the ZE40 with the 44kWh battery). The newer model likely has a Renault motor that doesn’t have the rapid charging of the old Continental motor (i.e. it charges at 22kW instead of 43kW). Renault claims this is more efficient and so has about 5-10% more range, but I’ve never seen an owner prove this claim in the real world.

    There is supposed to be a BMS/firmware update that improves the range slightly on newer models – or at least makes it more consistent – so you could check if that has been applied.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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