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    Aircon/heater failure.
    These (linked together because of the heat pump system) failed last week so my Zoe (on 22,500 miles) is booked in. The replacement gas is very expensive (eco-friendly so I gather) so I’m looking at a bill for around £250 which is assuming the gas has leaked away in the normal fashion. If it leaked because of the failure of a part, then my warranty will kick in.
    So, driving in warm weather as in the old days – fan speed high/opening those things called windows.
    Car drives as well as ever though and this is the first thing to have gone wrong.



    Further to the above, had the aircon/heater fixed yesterday and now working normally. Cost – £250. Apparently the new eco-friendly stuff they use is extremely expensive. You can say that again.
    I was wondering if other long standing Zoe owners have had the fluid leak/evaporate or whatever, and had to have the system dealt with, (with precautionary pressure testing first as I had?)
    Also, I’m on nearly 23,000 miles. Are there owners out there who have done, say, double that mileage with their aircon/heater systems still working okay?



    Hi Richard,
    There is a owner on speak ev who had only done 6500 miles and had to pay for the regas, yet there are owners on there with much higher mileage and never had to.

    I’m sure most will have used aircon/heating roughly the same.



    Hi. Thanks for that Mo and the very interesting link.
    The problem for me is that I don’t know how to prove that the coolant gas has escaped as a result of some malfunction, and not just natural wear and tear.
    I had my previous car (a Renault Modus)for 9 years and 76,000 miles and only one regas, but then that was an ICE car with completely separate air con and heater mechanics. A second opinion would cost and there’s no guarantee that, even if it found that the dealer was responsible,(through the warranty obligations), they would simply challenge an alternative verdict. It would cost more, probably, than the £250 I’ve paid out.
    It’s interesting though that the combination of heater and aircon in the Zoe, meaning the compressor is being worked throughout the year rather than in just the summer months, might well be contributing to a much earlier failure/loss of coolant.
    We’ll see how things work out when I’m on around 50,000 miles.
    This is the first thing to go wrong on my Zoe so I am not as despondent as I would have been if I had had engine/computer/battery etc failure. At least I can still get around in the car.
    Thanks again.



    Well. Quite a saga as it turned out.
    I took the car in last week and they did the usual nitrogen test followed by a regas. I paid my £250 and went home. The aircon and heater worked fine till the next day but then it failed again.
    My dealer – at Evans Halshaw – was very sympathetic and said he would book it in for today (Tuesday), first thing.
    They found that a join in a pipe from the aircon unit (situated interestingly enough at the rear behind the traction battery) and that this had failed. They have mended this and, at least atm, it’s working fine.
    What’s more I got my £250 back without a quibble since it was a failure and not natural wear and tear. There is a God!



    Glad you got your money back, pity they did not diagnose the leak first time round, its been reported on a few cars so they should of been aware of that.

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