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    Hi. Is there any news as regards upgrading from 22kW to 41kW battery? If so, what costs when trading in existing battery (battery owned scenario)?



    No details of availability date yet, I contacted Renault customer service last week, when I enquired about the upgrade the advisor said they are looking to get current 22kW owners into new ZE40 Zoe’s for the same cost as the upgrade would cost (rumored to be £3100)

    I was asked if I wanted to be added to the list for contacting when details of this offer are available, so maybe give them a call see what they tell you.

    I’m taking this with a pinch of salt as others have just been told they are added to the upgrade list not offer of new car.



    I contacted RCI Financial Services re the upgrade option and can confirm the cost is £3,100, a figure, they say, decided by Renault HQ in Paris.
    I contacted Paris who re-routed my letter back to Renault UK who sent me a questionnaire concerning my ‘complaint’.
    I filled it in, pointing out that it wasn’t a complaint as such – merely a query as to the apparently high cost when the battery is hired, meaning the only costs are transportation and fitting/labour.
    No reply to that.
    But, yes, according to my Renault dealers, who are authorised to change traction batteries, this is an option they can do. However, because I rent/hire the battery, I have to effect the change through RCI Finance.
    It’s a lot of money, so no go at present, but still preferable to buying a new ZE40 which I can’t afford.



    I don’t expect there would be anyway to keep/buy the old battery, we probably paid for it?

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