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    Hi folks,

    Been a while since I posted here.

    I called RCI Finance to ask if they knew anything about UK Zoe battery upgrades for existing leasers. They said that it was being run as a trial in Belgium and the Netherlands, and had nothing to announce in the UK yet. I was told that the scheme had been running for a few months, and that I should call again in a few weeks or months to find out if the scheme is going to be run in the UK. There was no indication of price, sadly.

    My 2013 Zoe is just ending its finance, so I’m trying to figure out what to do with it. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to get a Tesla Model X as a weekend car, but that recently had the front removed by a careless lorry driver!

    What are other folks doing? I need to pay £6k to keep my existing Zoe. I’ve seen it speculated that the battery upgrade would be about £3k. I’ve also seen some ex-demo ZE40 Zoe’s go for about £10k, so it’s tempting to try and get hold of one so I don’t have to worry about warranties and MOTs.


    Trevor Larkum

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    Welcome back.



    My battery lease ends on 4th November and Renault were in touch about my options. Hand back, pay the balloon payment (~£8,000) or ‘trade in’ against another wonderful Renault.
    I contacted the EV specialist team mentioning that people had been offered lower prices for buying their car, and they were very efficient, offering £5,800 to keep my car. That’s a 2015 Dynamique Nav R240, and it’ll have 15,000 miles by that time.
    That seems fairly good compared to what others have been offered. I can also have finance (5.9% APR I think) on 2, 3, or 4 years. Battery rental would be on top of that, and has come down £10 per month for the 22kWh battery cars.
    Paying that monthly is still ~ £200 per month, whilst I could just about scrape under £300 per month for a new, ZE40 Zoe on the 3 year PCP offer. Of course, you would own the old Zoe once paid for, with battery rental still to pay. The finance offer, BTW, is only for the owner – any friends or family you want to transfer to would have to pay cash.
    We knew with the great offers Renault had a couple of years ago that there would be loads of Zoes going back, and they’ve certainly done something about it with offering the lower values, but for me personally, it’s not quite enough, so it’s being handed back as planned (or possibly going to a family member, actually).
    My 2 year electric experiment has been successful though, so much so that we’ve ordered a Kia Soul EV from Drive Electric. It looks like the best value EV to me at the moment, not considering any mega deals on the Leaf.



    Complicated, it’s all ahead of me🎄

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