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    Trevor Larkum

    Mitsch, I’m not sure I understand your point – most BEVs require a wall chargebox. In the UK they are free or heavily subsidised, and there are such subsidies in other countries as well.



    According to the table, Does the Zoe could charge in single phase at 32A in 7,4Kw? This would be very interesting in Spain,because we can make an easy upgrade of the electrical power up to 10kw with a phone call.
    On the car tests of the last week,the eng. team says that the recommended charge is 22kw…in Spain this power in non extended for a home use and needs an electrical revision by the electrical company and higher rates of fixed quotes and maintence…



    My basement doen’t have GPRS signal, so I will not be able to install a wallbox ;(

    Can I ask, will I be able to charge with an occasional charging cable (I don’t mind buying it by myself)?
    It will probably be slower, but an overnight charge would work for me just fine.



    Hi I have to ask, why is a GPRS signal important. In the UK to gain government grants you have to pass back the transaction data including power consumed. If this is the senerio for yourself then why no just ask the charger suppplier to swap out the modem for a fix wire or Wifi LAN connection for the unit?

    If not save a bundle and do your own thing with a mode 3 charger without comms. You will save over £100.00



    Yes, good idea with the fix wire, because there is signal just a couple of meters away. Thanks.

    I guess if I use only charging cable, then the mobile application doesn’t work (for charging control and cabin conditioning).


    Andreas Gyllenhammar

    I’ve tried to search the web for any wall box offering charging from 3 phases 16A. (For my new Nissan Leaf with the 6.6kW charger) and couldn’t find any. Could you please provide any links to such?




    We had the charge master fitted to the domestic supply by British gas (free) it’s 7kw at 32 amps and charges the Zoe up in 3 hours for a 100% charge. Padraig in Brighton.



    Hi Padraig,
    Nice for You – You will be pleased to know that Ecotricity have rapid (43 kw) charger running in Pease Pottage off A23 and at Ikea Croydon so driving to London would be really nice now 😀

    It does make sense to have Zoe or Leaf now.

    Do You have a car already?


    Chris H

    Hi Padraig,
    How did you get the 32A fitted for free? The BG & chargemaster websites both seem to say that an extra charge of around £100 to get the 32A one fitted?



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