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    Trevor Larkum

    Chris – if you buy a ZOE, Renault makes up the difference so all ZOE owners get the 30A version for free as standard.

    NB: These comment areas are essentially obsolete, all discussions like this are now conducted in the forum.



    Yeh man sorry about that,looks like we got that on special offer when we got the Zoe!! Boss man did’nt tell me about that. Also recently we’ve had problems with charge capacity we’re now only getting max 60 miles compared to 95+ when we first got the car even though Renult have had the car back for 6/7 weeks to sort this, me thinks they have a few bugs to sort out still?? Anyhow the car still rocks, it’s going back to Renult but i’ll try n keep everybody up to date on the outcome. Keep it clean n healthy




    We need to install wall boxes for charging of electric cars, in our premises, which is a manufacturing industry near Devons road DLR station, E3 3PB.We need your assistance regarding this & we also wanted to know that this charging system can be used for all types of electric cars or not? & also how long does it take to charge them?



    Trevor Larkum

    Akanksha, welcome. There are various installers of charging points, with British Gas being about the biggest. However, if you purchase a car the dealer will likely arrange the installation for you, and the manufacturer may contribute towards the cost (Renault certainly does for the ZOE). The domestic and workplace ones now pretty much have a standard connector, called Type 2, though they can vary in power (typically 16 or 32 kW, and I would recommend the higher power one).

    The amount of time to charge depends on the power of the charger and the size of the car’s battery. A low power charger charging a fully electric car would take 12-24 hours, but that’s now a fairly unusual scenario. A high power charger would take 3-4 hours for a fully electric car, and if the car is a plugin hybrid like a Vauxhall Ampera or a Volkswagen Golf GTE then it might only take 2 hours.

    By all means email me (trevor-larkum [@] for more information, or start a discussion in the forum.


    A question for anyone…..what is the situation about charging in the rain? I live in Glasgow where it rains and rains and rains. Is it safe?


    jihad dabal

    How match sale it


    Trevor Larkum

    raduck, it’s perfectly safe – I charge in the rain quite often.

    For full discussion, go to our forum:


    Trevor Larkum


    Hi I am waiting fir a British Gas installation of 30amp charging unit for new Zoe on 20th jan. They have said I have to have a 2 pole 100 amp isolator switch before this can be done. Reading various posts I am at a loss as to what this means. Does this go in between my consumer unit and the charging unit? Or do I need another separate consumer unit and then the isolator switch? I have a fairly old house with a consumer unit with a large on off switch and the old fashioned bare wire fuses. Any help greatly appreciated.


    Trevor Larkum


    There is often an isolator switch inserted between the main consumer unit and the charge point – certainly I had one installed with mine (there was no charge).

    Generally questions are best asked in the forum, you will get a much faster response there:

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Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 60 total)

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