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    Please hubby got his Renault Zoe in January after whic British Gas camel to install the home charger but the guy could not do it and we got told we need an isolator.
    Our energy company has been to our property on three occasions but could not fix an isolator as the consumer unit is located behind the kitchen unit with just a cut out for all the switches and on each occasion they keep saying we need to remove the kitchen unit
    However when we installed the solar panel, isolator was fixed without disrupting anything the guy from the solar company dug through the wall and made another cut out on the kitchen cabinet which was brilliant
    My question is has anyone else has a problem with installing isolator, because hubby has been charging his car at work however I feel this is not right, we are meant to have a box charger at home


    Trevor Larkum

    Fisayo, I’ve heard from quite a few customers that BG now require an isolator fitted before they turn up – though I’ve not seen it stated officially anywhere. Best places for these sorts of discussions are the Forums (see link in top menu).



    Hi does anyone know the approx size dimensions of the type 2 chargemaster charging unit that british gas /charge master fit im trying to decide if it will fit the outside wall of my garage thanks




    I am seriously thinking of getting a Zoe but I have the following concern.

    We live in Kingston upon Thames, London. Our garage is located about 25 metres aways from the nearest standard (UK) socket that is located in our kitchen. As the garage does not have its own electricity, every time I do something in or around the garage, I have to roll out my 30 metre extension lead reel down to the garage area in order to mow grass or vacuum car sort of activities.

    Would I be able to charge safely just like that without the wall socket installed by an electrician and without the isolator/disconnector?
    How likely it is that the the electricity people (BT, etc) be able to install the wall socket under these circumstances?

    Thanks very much for any hint.



    Trevor Larkum

    It’s approximately the size of a large cereal packet, on its side. There are photos and discussion about it in the forum.


    Trevor Larkum

    You shouldn’t use an extension cable with a car charging cable because of the high power used and risk of overheating. To run a dedicated line to the garage for the wall socket will cost a few hundred pounds (and the car can then charge much faster). You can get more details and advice in the forums:



    Hi is it normal for fans or something to come on , on the car when the wall charger is ist pluged in it stayed running all the time the charger was connected


    Trevor Larkum

    It’s unusual, but if the car had had a good run, and the weather was warm, it would not be unexpected.



    Can somebody please tell me what the connector names for both ends of the supplied cable with my new Zoe Nav will be?

    I know the end that plugs into the Zoe itself is male Type 2 Mennekes.

    But what is on the other end of the cable for plugging into untethered charging stations? Is it also Type 2 (female) or is it Type 1 or something else?

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 60 total)

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