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    I bought one of these cables from Tomas and am happy with it. He fitted it with a UK 3-pin plug and set it to default at 10 Amps on my request. I also paid a little extra for a 12 metre cable so it would reach the couple of places I expect to use it at outside my own place.

    The reason for the 10 Amps was to trickle-charge from my solar panels during the day between school runs when the sun is out, and so far I’ve done this a couple of times with success. I’ve not yet used it in the rain but I see no reason it would be any different from the charger that was installed into the house.

    So I’m a happy customer. Delivery took about eight days after paying by Paypal but that included the Easter weekend. Total cost was slightly over half the 500 quid Renault wanted for a much shorter version.



    I’m happy, that you are satisfied with our product. Thank you so much !



    Satisfied customer charging with our cable.



    Hi all,

    I bought one of these occasional charge cables from Tomas. It arrived quickly and though I haven’t dismantled it or anything it seems to me to be very well put together. I’ve not needed it yet but obviously have tested it and it worked perfectly first time so big thumbs up from me (especially considering the price differential from Renaults own.)

    Cheers Tomas!




    Just to add I received a cable today from Thomas. It looks good and is charging my Zoe as I type 🙂



    Good to hear, they are much cheaper than Renault, let us know how it goes.



    if you have interest, write me mail on and I’ll send you more informations and specification of our products. But I can’t download PDF document here.





    Just as an update, the cable has been working well. We took the car on holiday with us and used it every night through rain and wind. It works absolutely fine, every time.



    Thank you so much for all positive comments ! 🙂

    If will have anybody else any other questions we are here for you!

    Nice day 🙂




    Hi all. Have only had a few weeks so far with my new Zoe (R240). Not even got a home charger installed yet as they had to come and do a house survey first! Hence after some research decided to invest in a granny cable. Was bit concerned by reports of some not working with the Zoe. Local dealer didnt seem aware they existed or in the slightest interested in selling me an official one so I don’t know what the current price may be, but I am confident it was considerably more than I paid for this cable from Tomas despite the current post-brexit pound 🙁
    Apart from the possible technical issues I was quite nervous about placing a high value order directly to Czech republic but was reassured by good communications throughout from Tomas. Although their mail tracking system appeared to end at their own border, my cable arrived safe and sound 5 days after placing the order and I am happy to report is working perfectly for overnight charging for several nights now including a rainy one last night.
    The unit itself seems robustly made and having the ability to modify the charging rate directly from the Zoe plug end might prove to be a bonus in some situations, although I have not so far had any issues with just plugging in at the default 13a setting.
    Thank you Tomas!

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 31 total)

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