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    It’s been a good couple of years since I last posted on this site but this granny cable thread popped up as a notification recently and I was intrigued as I had always thought about getting one but the cost of the official one was too high. As I have solar panels the option of a granny cable to charge the car for free is something I wanted to explore. The solution Tomas has come up with sounded perfect so I put my trust in the earlier good reviews and the promise of a 2 year warranty and ordered one. Despite ordering on a weekend evening I had very prompt responses from Tomas and once ordered the cable arrived within a week. It is a very neat looking arrangement – I went for 3 pin plug to Mennekes. Due to the British weather I have only had the chance to use it one sunny Saturday but it worked perfectly. Would highly recommend.



    Our charging cables have now NEW function – SAVE & SELECT. This means that the amperage you chose is automatically saved and remains the same until you decide to change it. In the event of power outages or cable disconnection, your cable will remember this saved setting and use it upon reconnection.



    Here is video on YouTube where we select 8A on Type 2 charging cable :



    Was it discussed early, that Zoe will only accept a charge of 10a and above? Important for solar folk.



    Hi everyone (my first post in the forum!)

    We are lucky enough to have one of the new Zoe’s.

    The extended range with rapid charge option is working out well for visiting our relatives dotted around the UK!

    We also wanted a ‘granny cable’ to cover one or two situations (family don’t always live near suitable chargers – how inconvenient!) ….. and where the nearest rapid charger is some distance away.

    We purchased our cable after reading posts on this thread … details below.

    I just wanted to say to others who might be reluctant to order from abroad … WE have had a fantastic experience.

    As I write this, our Zoe is connected to, and charging on our new ‘granny’ charger cable!! Thomas has been excellent at communicating, made our cable to the extended length we need. I was able to track the package on its journey. I thought I would send this thank you publicly. The cable looks well made and even though I hear Zoe’s can be fussy about charging …. it accepted this cable without hesitation!

    I would buy from them again without hesitation.

    Andrew and Izzy

    we are from Czech republic. Our website is . We make charging cables for EV.

    We have a specially offer for this forum. When you ordered the charging cable Type 2 – 16A for Renault Zoe and write on basket code “myrenaultzoe” we give you 10% discount a free shipping for all European Countries.

    EVSE is inside of connector. With cable you will charging faster and you can selected the Amps from 6A to 16A – and you can charging always and everywhere! 🙂

    More information on email :

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)

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