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    we are the company from Norway. We sale the charging cables for all types of electric cars. With our charging cables you can reduce the charging time only for half time.

    We sell charging cables for Renault Zoe :
    Type 2 – 16A single phase (“schuko)
    Type 2 – 32A single phase (3pin blue or 5pin red socket)
    Type 2 – 3x32A 3phase – 22kW (5pin red socket)

    All cables have possibility for changing the Amps from 6A to 16A or 32A.

    More informations on or on email



    Renault Zoe charger only 10A,is 16 A too much from a domestic supply,prices in £ please? Thanks



    Where is the communication electronics? Is it inside the Mennekes connector? Does it have built in earth leakage detection?




    reboot: Domestic supply is ok for charging 16A. Price in GBP is 29OGBP.

    andyfras: Yes, EVSE is inside of connector. We assembled inside 2 relays for safety charging.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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