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    Hello, my car did not charge last night and when I returned to it there was also an error message saying “check electrical system”. Any ideas what this could be please? Is it something I can look at myself, or is it definitely needing to be booked in?
    Many thanks.


    Trevor Larkum

    Have you been able to charge it since? It could just be a glitch, but if it happens again best take it to a dealer.



    I am having this issue but I interpret it as a low voltage 12v battery not the traction battery? I get it when the car has not gone far and it is cold although the traction battery is at say 60%. Now I have a problem interpreting how I should deal with this apart from driving round to enable the traction battery to charge the 12v battery.

    Ideally I would like to put a trickle charger on the 12v battery but the advice I have seen is that one should disconnect the negative connector in case ‘ the traction battery cuts in to charge the 12v battery’. How can this happen because if the traction battery will cut in to charge the 12v when the car is switched off then the 12v would not run down!! As I understand it unless the 12v ‘wakes’ up the traction battery it remains dormant. Sorry for the length of this but it is quite an issue if one leaves the Zoe for any length of time.



    I’ve not associated this problem with the 12v battery, but with the supply from the charger which the car wouldn’t accept, and I’ve found the car takes a charge from another charge point.
    However if you believe it’s a 12v problem, I don’t see why you can’t top up the battery unless there is something across it as you point out that wouldn’t like it.
    Renault have reduced the size of the 12v battery drastically over the years and I’ve sent a faulty one back, which they’ve accepted even though its out of the 1 year warranty.
    I’ve recently incorporated a solar charged separate 12v battery and run several devices off it saving the cars battery.
    Even though these 12v batteries don’t have a massive starter motor drain,an Ice car.once started runs on the alternator you could remove the battery and the car would still run. Our Zoe 12v must be supplying current all the time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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