"Check electrical system" and "Check hill start assist" on *both* ZOEs today :(

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    Tried this today, even doing everything while riding the brake then lost off and it rolls back slightly.

    That said I’ve never had my brakes squeal when heading off, so that’s something positive.



    Maybe all off our cars have to do this at least once

    It’s testing itself! 😀

    Tried this today, even doing everything while riding the brake then lost off and it rolls back slightly.

    I’ve been unable to reproduce too. Can’t say exactly what happened when Wife saw it, but for me, we were just parked up, foot on brake, handbrake off, into Reverse, foot off brake. There isn’t much I could’ve done wrong! 🙁



    I got my car back from the garage today after a day and a half with them. The car is now sorted. It was a brake switch which lives under the brake pedal that was faulty (standard Renault part). This causes the Zoe electrical system to ping up random faults. The EV technician said the job took half an hour but Renault insist on doing a full system check and then have to give the final authorisation on the repair. Happy now.



    I have a (sort of) answer to this effect.
    My Wife had a problem on her brand new 2 day old Zoe Dymanique at some traffic lights, when she moved the gear lever from D to N the PRND symbols started flashing. The gear stick moved but the display didn’t change, “Check electrical system” came up, the car would not respond and by now the car was surrounded by blaring horns and poor wifey was in a flap and a half! She gathered her wits and switched the car off and back on, then everything was fine.
    Some time later I did some elementary fault finding and discovered that I could recreate the fault whenever I wanted by gently moving the gear shifter tiny timid amounts so that (I guess) between two positions, but deliberately not reaching the next position. For example, and the easiest to reproduce, moving from P to R. The contact for P is broken, but the if contact for R is not made in a certain time the display will flash and after a further 5s or so the errors will display themselves.
    This could be a software fault where the “between states” switch causes a failure or it could be a physical fault of the detents themselves.
    With normal positive changing the problem might not ever show itself, and it could get less likely to occur as the gear detents wear, but I would be very interested to know the collected opinions, and of course Renaults opinion!! (I can wait)



    The fault has never shown again on our Zoë which has note done over 3000 miles. The replaced brake switch seems to have worked. I still find the regenerative braking a bit odd at times though.



    Hopefully some of you are still following this link.
    I have a 2 year old Zoe that has lost power and gears since it was less than a month old. It does it every 4 months or so and is currently in Birmingham with me refusing to drive it. I don’t know whether this fault could occur at speed (and kill me and my family), there is certainly no guarantee that it wouldn’t as Renault cannot find the fault and have only done some software updates to try to rectify it. In addition it has had battery charging failure on three occasions and also the sat nav failed and bits had to be replaced on that. Renault have also lied to me twice about the car saying that Renault Technical had fixed the gear/power problem (they did not even come out it later transpired) and again to say the latest charging issue was fixed (they just determined that the car was ok and it’s probably a charger fault).
    I would appreciate any feedback from other Zoe owners as to whether they have had the ‘check electrics’ ‘check hill start assist’ problems on a continual basis please?
    I also have the motoring side of Trading Standards looking at this, but am awaiting a response.
    Thank you for any help you can give!



    Hi Debbie,
    Sorry to hear of your issues, losing power like that has the potential to be a disaster, have a look at this thread on speak ev looks very similar to your issue, seems it was the inverter and gearbox sensors causing the problem.




    Hi Mo,
    Thanks very much for your reply.
    I’ve read through both posts and am hoping to find enough people having continuous problems to build a case against Renault as Renault refuse to admit there is a problem.
    I have a car I dare not sell privately (wouldn’t want the guilt if something happened), that Renault say they cannot fix as they can’t find the fault and they will not pay any kind of settlement, yet. They are doing software updates, with no guarantee that the latest will work. I actually sent a copy of the ‘Zoe is a death trap’ post as an example to them and the response was ‘it’s open to interpretation’, ‘it’s not a regular occurrence’ and for me to contact it’s author (not sure to what end!).
    If anyone else is having issues please let me know as Trading Standards should be looking at my case in the next few days.
    Many thanks



    Continuing with this thread…. I came across it after searching for ‘check hill assist’. We just had the same problem on our 2017 (42kW) Zoe driven roughly 64,000km while driving through Europe – just what you need on a road-trip! 🙁 The message appeared along with ‘check ecs’ and occasionally ‘limited performance’. It first happened as the car was coming to a stop at a service station charging point. The error flashes, the pedestrian warning sound comes on and the car goes into neutral. After restarting the car (waiting two minutes for the two separate stages of shutdown to complete) the car wouldn’t let me drive forward but would let me drive in reverse. I found a workaround which involved me reversing a few metres, pushing it forward in neutral for a few metres and then repeating the whole process two or three times. Then I could often drive away ok. However, this had to to be done on flat land.

    This continued for the next few days (whenever I tried to start the car or if we got into heavy stop/stop, bumper-to-bumper traffic). Two days later, the problem then appeared (twice!) as I was driving around 80kph. Luckily we happened to be near motorway exists each time and I was able to drift/roll the car over to the side of the road.

    We managed to get back to our home country and as soon as I got the car off the ferry I had it transported directly to our Renault dealer. By this time I’d read this thread and was hoping we just had the same brake pedal switch problem as a previous person had here, but we weren’t so lucky. The garage rang today to say that it’s the motor at fault and that the Renault factory have approved its replacement and new parts are now on the way.

    So, what I’m basically trying to say is: don’t presume you have the same problem as someone else just because you see the same message. Always take it to a Renault dealer as soon as you can.

    I’ll post a follow-up message once the car’s been repaired (on 5 – 7th July).

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