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    Hi everyone,

    My wife just bought herself a second hand Renault Zoe i. She loves the car, it’s great! I already have a Zoe so I knew what to expect. However the pedant in me is a bit annoyed by something on the R-Link screen – the “notifications” section. There are 9 notifications in this section. They all relate to subscriptions included with the car when it was new which have now expired. I’m aware that they have expired, and they are things my wife isn’t likely to need, so we have no intention of renewing. I just want to be able to clear these notifications! I click on the notifications icon, and then click “Clear” at the bottom of the screen, but nothing happens. It’s annoying me. Doesn’t bother my wife, but it REALLY bothers me! How do I clear these notifications??? A factory reset doesn’t help because I tried this on my Zoe to clear a stuck notification and it didn’t work.


    Trevor Larkum

    I know the problem, but I don’t think I ever found a solution. Anyone?



    My wife’s ex courtesy Zoe has 30 notifications that can’t be cleared, I have cleared them on my Zoe before but it seems once they are about long expired apps you cant clear them!!
    I am going to ask if the dealer can clear them at the service at the end of this month.

    If they really bug you how about a bit of insulating tape over that area of the screen, I heard one owner did that to cover the flashing temperature when its below 5 degrees.



    I seem to remember that with this type of notification, you have to click on the notification in order to read the details, rather than just clicking Clear.



    andyfras I tried your suggestion. Didn’t work! I have opened a ticket with RLink support who don’t really seem to know the answer either…

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