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    Trevor Larkum

    A number of climate change articles have caught my eye recently so here’s a quick selection of those I found most interesting: Climate Change Report W[See the full post at: Climate Change Catch-Up]



    Great site! Just pre-ordering my Zoe now, your site is a great resource for all the important stuff that Renault somehow didn’t think about putting on their website (not the Dutch one at least). A link you might want to include in the climate change section is this one: . It has been of significant importance the last few years and has turned into a globally supported and crowd run site. What makes it different is that it’s not a random news site and doesn’t just post selective articles, it really tries to answer every single question about climate change and uses nothing but the peer reviewed science including links and explanations to answer it into great detail, with opportunities to discuss the items. It doesn’t cherry pick but always looks at the full body of evidence. It even has difficulty levels of answers depending whether you are a layman with a Zoe or a climate researcher and it is translated voluntarily by folks worldwide. And it sorts all the different climate questions (myths) into easy chunks so you can look it up quickly. Also a free app is available to really answer “deniers” coming up with old myths. In short: recommended.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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