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    Hello friends!

    Former Zoe owner here – traded in 2 years ago but now looking to come back.

    My current car near break even point with Renault so had made enquiries with them re a new Zoe.

    I am looking at the new i to avoid the battery rental. It will be my car for a while so will end up paying for it in full after hire purchase. Dealer thinks about June time for it to be made and sent over.

    At this point in time does anyone have any tips?



    Hi & welcome back,
    Try using carwow for quote’s and use them at your local Renault dealer to get a similar deal.



    Carwow was on my radar. That’s for recommending. I had a good email chat today with a rep which ended with… we have to order it in. Few months. Sorry.

    Glad it was legit though.


    I used to use polar and got another card when travelling. Can anyone recommend best company’s for charging out and about? East region.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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