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    Anyone elses car creak badly when driving along anything other than a perfectly flat road (eg. drains, etc.)?

    Haven’t checked wife’s, but mine is pretty creaky. Not too bothered about the noise; just unsure if it means something is being stressed that shouldn’t. Is it normal?



    My Stilo could bridge those silly square bumps at normal speed (i.e. 30 road at 30mph) and I hardly felt them. Pretty wide track on that car.

    Zoe is a different matter, its got quite a narrow track as I feel even those wee speed bumps. Feels like the track is only marginally wider than my class mini.

    The big sleeping policemen full width (often with ped crossings over them) are sore in the Zoe, you need to definitely under 20mph to get over them painlessly, creaks, bumps and crashes over those bumps at anything over about 17mph.

    I find the suspension generally though pretty good, but a big pot hole really rings through the car, probably because the poor suspension is having to hold up such a heavy little car.

    Its funny, the car is fairly chuckable, until you get to a really tight corner and it washes wide very easily, that’s when you feel the cars weight.

    On back roads I tend to go in with a bit of a wide line and tighten it as I see the surface is ok. Kinda F1 undercut cornering, wide then tight. Rather than trying to hold a tight line all the way through. Its not that the Zoe won’t hold a tight light all the way round a corner its just that if you hit a sunken drain or a gouged bit of tarmac the cars skits wide almost as if the wheel has lost traction and the other one is torque steering you off line.

    Still rides better than my 12 year old Stilo did. It cornered well but made so much noise from the droplinks and read bushes.



    Yeah, creaks which sounds a bit like the centrol locking engaging if I hit a small bump. I assume its just an internal panel flexing.

    Although the car is very quiet, it doesn’t win awards for sound proofing – you can easily hear loose stuff rattling about in the boot.



    The boot makes me chuckle it’s so poorly finished. It’s like they ran out of money or patience when designing it and just thought slap a couple of side panels on and some carpet on the bottom, that’ll do.

    I guess the reason was due to weight. But that painted slam panel is going to take a beating over time.



    Happily, our Zoe has no squeaks or creaks at all and I read somewhere that because the car is so quiet, it is tested extensively during manufacture to ensure that nothing spoils the serenity!
    So, complain to your dealer?



    I think it’s all dependant how you drive. Go over a speed bump very slowly and no creaks. Go over fast and the suspension complains.

    Your right though, the Zoe is lovely in general driving. Can’t quite get over nailing it just to hear the turbine whoosh. My 3 year old boy swears it’s a turbo, because my partners b-max has whooshy turbo on boost.



    The creaks I’m hearing are from the rear, not sure if it’s suspension… Happens mostly when doing over drains on one side of the car (eg. two wheels go over it, one after the other, meaning the wheels aren’t all flat).

    Should probably go out in the wife’s and see if it does the same in the same places!



    Yeap same with mine said to my son last night you hear that as he was in the back and he said yes, Seems to be when the temperature drops fast or warms up fast so 10am and 7pm i know sounds odd but its true.. I assume it is like others say plastic creaking and moving, I plan on doing some packing on the panels one day with small rubber none slip mat, under panels so no plastic touches body work on tail gate etc.



    Dr Steel

    No Danny been having a listen this past week and no I don’t have any creaks

    Let us know how you got on with it

    Happy days 🙂



    Worth checking your tyre pressure. Mine cam with all tyres at 33psi. I kid you not.

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