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    Not an owner yet of a zoe (hope to be soon though all being well) but for years I have driven 5 gear manual cars , i dare say like everyone says you get used to automatic cars soon and then you never want to go back to driving a car with manual transmission ever again. But I have been reading about if you have a ICE car and put it into Drive as soon as soon as you take your foot off the footbrake the car starts ‘creeping’/moving forward on its own .. I dont think I would like that.

    Anyway thats an ICE car and its automatic transmission would work different because of the technology of the automatic gearbox in ICE car and also because an ICE car Idles – so I thought it wouldnt be the same in an EV because its all different and an EV doesnt Idle when its stationary.

    But downloaded the manual for the Renault zoe and it looks like it operates in exactly the same way even though it an EV, put the selector into Drive and take your foot off the footbrake and the car inches foreward!

    So on Further investigation it seems TESLA car owners have a choice to turn ‘creep mode’ on or off, its selectable in a menu or in the software of the car or by switch on the dash or something. I dont suppose the Zoe has any such feature that can be selected by the driver or could be changed/hacked to do this in any way so that it will only move, and only move when the driver puts their foot on the accelerator?



    Zoe creeps no way to change that, when driving an automatic is makes more sense for it to creep. test drive one and your see what i mean. If your on a HILL and the light goes red you just hold the foot brake no need for handbrake then soon as lights go green you release foot brake no rolling backwards its a slight creep forward.


    Trevor Larkum

    EV can have creep or not, it’s just faked in software – Renault obviously decided they wanted the ZOE to feel like an conventional automatic since it doesn’t have a clutch.

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